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Meditation Everywhere

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Happy Science USA

725 River Rd., Suite 58
Edgewater, NJ 07020

201-313-0127 / 212-343-7972
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The Happy Science USA is the non-profit organization that spreads the universal teachings throughout the world. Our mission is to create an earthly utopia through “self-refinement” to attain personal success and happiness, then impart the “Truth” to others as a catalyst for universal enlightenment. Change Yourself, Change The World! help bring peace, prosperity and happiness to yourself & the world through your transformation and contribution.

Our organization nurtures an “‘education of the soul” through:

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Meditations
  • Prayers
  • Universal Truth
  • Contemplation
  • Initiation
  • Soul Training Center

Associates In Clinical Therapy - ACT

22231 Mulholland Hwy, Ste. 106
Calabasas, CA 91302

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Associates in Clinical Therapy provides…

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychological Testing
  • Individual, Couple, Family & Group Therapy
  • Children, Adolescents, Adults & Older Adults
  • Consultation & Training
  • Assessment and Evaluations
  • Community Lectures

Agency Philosophy…

ACT…Associates in Clinical Therapy believes that individuals, couples and families are unique-each having their own inner strengths and capabilities for change. Our purpose is to assist those we serve to recognize and mobilize those strengths and abilities and to help develop the necessary skills to achieve their goals.

In addition, ACT emphasizes the need for overall health and wellness, providing therapy, coaching, consulting and assessment to promote healthy, productive living at home, work, and in healthy relationships.

Services Provided…

We provide the following psychological services:

Individual Psychotherapy and Personal Coaching, Couples and Marital Therapy, Family Psychotherapy, Group Psychotherapy and Skills Training, Executive Coaching and Consultations, Diagnostic Assessments and Interviews, Psychological Testing and Assessment, Neuropsych Testing and Assessment, Workers Compensation Evaluations, Community Workshops and Educational Lectures, Professional Trainings, Consultation and Liaison.

Our services focus on helping clients with a wide range of interests including the following:

- Alcohol & Drug Problems
- Anxiety, Phobias and Panic
- Anger Management
- Assertiveness Training
- ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders
- Child and Adolescent Behavioral Problems
- Children and Adults of Alcoholics
- Communication Skills and Conflict Resolution
- Consultation to Schools / Special Education
- Couple and Relationship Improvement
- Depression / Mood Problems
- Eating Disorders / Anorexia / Bulimia
- Executive Coaching
- Grief and Loss Counseling
- Hypnosis / EMDR
- Job Concerns and Career Counseling
- Life Transitions and Adjustment
- Life Coaching / Personal Development
- Meditation / Mindfulness Training
- Pain Management
- Performance Anxiety and Creative Blocks
- Psychological Testing and Evaluation
- School Problems and Underachievement
- Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence
- Sexual Intimacy / Functioning
- Stress Management and Relaxation
- Trauma

Meet Our Team of Professionals…

Dr. James L. Schaefer, PsyD—Co Director
Dr. Melodie R. Schaefer, PsyD—Co Director
Dr. Charles Cooper, PsyD, Clinician
Dr. Irene Fruchtbaum, PhD, Clinician
Dr. Seth Goradietsky, PsyD, Clinician
Dr. Joyce Kovelman, PhD, PhD, Clinician
Dr. Mark Souris, PsyD, Clinician

Robert H. Goodwin

303 George St., Suite 408
New Brunswick, NJ

732-828-0709 / 908-604-8244

Visitation, Cohabitation Agreements, Support Proceedings, Real Estate, Wills & More.....

Primary Wellness And Injury Center P.A.

1885 Unversity Avenue West, Suite 229
St. Paul, MN 55104

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Dr. Peter Harmon- Chiroprator

Auto Injuries And Personal Injuries

At Primary Wellness and Injury Center we offer a variety of services to help our patients achieve their health goals.

CHIROPRACTIC - Our primary service is state of the art chiropractic care using the most current diagnostic technology with a variety of cutting edge techniques.

MASSAGE THERAPY - Our expert massage therapists are at the top of their field and include deep tissue, trigger point work, energy work and balancing. The ability to coordinate their services with our physicians is invaluable to you.

NUTRITIONAL COACHING - Understanding healthy eating and supplements is an important part of wellness. Our coaching includes workshops, trips to the grocery store and in-home meal preparation.

WEIGHT LOSS AND NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING - This service addresses all the issues surrounding weight loss; many of which have been previously ignored. Our constant exposure to toxins is implicated in every disease process from fatigue to cancer.

MEDITATION - Studies have shown meditation to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, relieves anxiety, improves the immune system and provides many other benefits.

EXERCISE AND REHABILITATION - Whether you are injured and need recovery, an athlete wanting to improve performance or just need us to design an effective program to maximize results, we have a system for you.

Body + Brain

830 6th Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10001

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  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Tai-Chi
  • Energy Healing
  • Vibration Training
  • Brain Education
  • & More...

Gerard V. Sunnen, M.D.

200 East 33rd Street, #26J
New York, NY 10016

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Training with hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation and Autogenic Training for:

  • Academic improvement
  • Test taking
  • Study habits
  • Presentation skills
  • Public speaking
  • Self-confidence
  • Performance enhancement

Adela's Well-Being Oriental Medicine

33-21 Murray Lane
Flushing, NY

718-359-3647 / 718-744-8441

  • Acupuncture is an essential treatment in Oriental medicine.
  • Herbal Treatments are based upon the empirical findings at every plant has a specific medicinal effect. 
  • Moxibustion is employed in order to warm body meridians and expel internal cold. 
  • Cupping is mainly used to treat upper and lower back, shoulder and leg pain, as well as gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Gua Sha is a therapy that intentionally creates a rash on the skin surface. 
  • Diet Therapy is based on the philosophy that a proper diet and lifestyle are essential for mental and physical health.
  • Magnetic Therapy views life as having developed under the influence of the earth’s geomagnetic field. 
  • Massage Therapy  is also called Oriental Bodywork Therapy. Through massage and body manipulation techniques, this therapy seeks to establish a more harmonious flow of Qi throughout the body allowing the body to heal naturally.
  • Meditation
  • Taichi
  • Yoga
  • Physical Exercise

Meditation with Peggy Gaines, RN

1390 S. Dixie Hwy., Suite 210B
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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Find Calm in a Hectic World

  • Meditation Classes
  • Private Classes
  • Semi-Private Classes
  • Small Group Classes
  • Reiki Treatment Sessions
  • Reiki Classes

The Healing Path

P.O Box 310245
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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relieve pain , burn excess fat , boost the immune system , increase clarity and focus & help stress related problems

Unfolding The Tree of LifeĀ®



Anusara Yoga, Meditation & Kabbalah Retreat Courses. Align Your Body,Mind,Heart,& Spirit. Decode Scriptures Of Yoga & Kabbalah. Instruction Tailored To Meet The Physical Needs And Abilities Of All Ages. Call For Further Info.

Lori Gottesman, CSW, ACSW

100 w. 89th Street, Suite 3A
NY, NY 10024

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Specializing In: Chronic Illness, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Trauma & Stress, Relationship Issues, Grief & Loss, Anxiety & Depression, Parenting Issues.

Dharmakaya Meditation Center

1182 Broadway (Bet. 28th & 29th Streets)


Gental Yoga, Tantric Mediations, Hatha Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga, Special Workshops, Thai Massage.

Falun Dafa (Falun Gong)


Mind/Body/Spirit. A Traditional Chinese Self-Cultivation Practice. Tens of Millions of Practitioners Worldwide. Zhen/Truthfulness, Shan/Benevolence, Ren/Forbearance. Suitable for all ages, Relieves stress, creates harmony. Improves health, cleanses the body, Promotes spiritual growth and enlightenment. Contact in Israel: Netanya: (Tel: 972-9-8622160), Tel Aviv: (972-5-3528609)

Showing 1–13 of 13 results for Meditation Everywhere