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The Jewish Referral Service connects you to top businesses in hundreds of fields. Just tell us what you need and businesses will contact you.


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The Jewish Referral Service

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Kew Gardens, NY 11415

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The Jewish Referral Service is a valuable channel for advertisers to generate new business. Potential customers who are seeking to purchase goods or services call the Jewish Referral Service's toll free number and an operator direcrs them to the advertiser (s) that best fits their appropriate need.

We succeed in producing work for our advertisers by referring them to the more than 3000 organizations that use our service.

Our toll-free number (888-261-2799) is published throughout our directories as in well-known newspapers and websites serving different communities. Tourists and newly arrived residents also call the Jewish Referral Service with questions involving travel, lodging, etc.

Jewish Referral Service is also online. is a top notch lead generation website that uses technology and enables a business to profit directly from the internet.

JRS is an outstanding resource that especially applies to consumers who know that they want and not sure who to turn to. There is charge for using HRS. It is a free, public service.

The users are required to fill out an online application that includes their name, location, contact information and description of their need. It is then matched to an advertiser (s) that suits their requirement.

Leads generated online using an extraordinary patent pending technology. This technology along with our main website's,, heavy traffic enables us to create quality leads that result in direct business for our advertisers.


800-669-0060 / 718-256-5490

If you have an accident call us immediately! Even if you think that the accident is your fault, call us right away! Our trained specialist will rush to you and will help you with everything possible. He will: Call the police and an ambulance, translate, take all pictures and measurements, collect all evidence of the accident to assure your innocence, transport you to a doctor or your home, and all the services are free! We will refer you to one of the best court attorneys, specializing in your type of accident, who can get you maximum financial compensation!

Pre-Paid Legal Service


212-629-9640 / 877-319-7532

Independent associate, 1 Million members nationwide, 24 Hrs covers 365 days a year

A Detective's Referral Service

800 2nd Ave.


Missing Persons, Martimonial, Forensic Lab, inancial Assets, Background Checks, Child Custody, Art Fraud, Pre-Employment, Landlord/Tenant, Medical Malpractice, Criminal, Due Diligence,Nationwide Computer Data Base, Electronic Sweeps and more

Showing 1–4 of 4 results for Lawyers Referral Service Everywhere