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Feng Shui Everywhere

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Feng Shui Moon

Butler, NJ 07405


Feng Shui Moon

Vikki Anderson is a Certified Advanced Feng Shui Practitioner Professional and member of the International Feng Shui Guild.  She holds four certifications including Realtor Staging, Home, Office and Landscape Design, Interior Design and China Studies.   She is also an ordained minister and will bless homes, stores and offices to keep the positive chi (energy) flowing in your space which will continue to bring in good health, wealth and happiness after cures are activated.

Feng Shui is the art of placement and color in your home, office or yard for optimum good health, wealth and happiness.  It is a 6,000 year old Chinese tradition that brings positive chi (energy) into your environment which provides many opportunities to improve your life or business.

  •  Consultations on site.
  • Written report emailed to you after the consultation.
  • Cures or adjustments are available through consultant on site.
  • Personalized service. (No two consultations are alike).
  • Interior design help, if required.
  • Floor plan consultations via email or mail without visiting the site.
  • Phone or email consultations are available for specific questions about your space.
  • Lectures, classes and presentations to your group or association.

R.D. Chin, Feng Shui Architect

308 west 30th Street Suite #5C
New York , NY 10001

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Architect & Interior Design

  • Office & Corprate
  • Residential
  • Urban Planning 
  • Ceremonies & More...

Marina Kilmenok - Certified Feng Shui Consultant

Brooklyn, NY 11235

718-210-3274 / 917-865-1980

Feng Shui. Two words that are short in length, but very deep in meaning and practical application for our home, work, and personal lives. Literally meaning wind and water, "Feng Shui" are the two natural forces of the universe that carry energy (Chi), the stimulating life force that flows around us at all times. If Chi flows well, our lives are filled with health, happiness, and prosperity. If Chi is blocked, our health, relationships, and career can weaken or fail. Feng Shui is about changing your life for the better. Making good decisions. Taking responsibility for your present and your future. By working with a certified Feng Shui consultant, you can take the first step in shaping your destiny and creating balance and harmony in your home, work, and personal life.

Showing 1–3 of 3 results for Feng Shui Everywhere