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Restaurants-Vegetarian in New York, NY

Maharani Restaurant

156 W. 29th St.
NY, NY 10001

212-868-0707 / 212-868-2211
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100% Pure Vegetarian Cuisine, Sotuh Indian Bread, Basmati, Condiments, Tandoori Bread, Tawa

The Sanctuary Restaurant / Interfaith Center

25 First Avenue
NY, NY 10003

212-780-9786 / 212-473-0370
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The Sanctuary Restaurant, run by the Interfaith League of Devotees, is a program designed to introduce outsiders to their own inherent spirituality. Our food is mouth-watering and soul-nourishing as it is sanctified (offered before God). Other programs offered by the Interfaith League include hatha yoga classes, ayurvedic healing, reiki and massage, and retreat programs. Our retreat programs, located at our center in Manhattan, are for those wanting to experience community living first hand or for guests needing a peaceful atmosphere during their stay in New York. Our country retreat, located beside a lake in upstate New York, is for individuals or groups. For more information on any of these programs, please call our main number at 212-473-0370.

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