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Physicians-Chiropractic in New York, NY

Integrated Wellness N.Y.C

308 Fifth Avenue, Fifth Floor
New York, NY 10001

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State-of-the-Art Health and Wellness Care

  • Chiropractic
  • Applied  Kinesiology
  • Personalized Nutrition
  • Energy Medicine 

1410 Broadway Chiropractic

1410 Broadway, (cor. of 39th St.)
New York, NY 10018

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Dr. Jeffrey A. Klein, Dr. Stephen Becker, treat on-the-job injuries, headaches & neck pain, low back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, relief of sciatic pain

Murray Hill Chiropractic P.C.

155 East 38th Street, Suite 2K (Btwn. 3rd Ave. & L
New York, NY 10016

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Low Neck, Low Back, Numbness, Muscle Spasm, Neck Pain After Car Accidents

Equilibrium Health Services

315 W.57th Street, Suite 302
Manhattan, NY 10019

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Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, the chiropractic care offered at Equilibrium Chiropractic Health Center emphasizes the importance of improving your overall health in an effort to prevent or correct further pain and illness.

For those patients who may already be in pain, chiropractic care provides relief for many types of pain, conditions..., and injuries. Effective pain relief and pain prevention are two of the reasons that chiropractic services have become so popular, both here in New York City and around the world.

Alongside chiropractic care, Equilibrium offers a wide range of complementary services to further aid in pain relief, injury recovery, and overall preventative care.

These services include:

✔ Accupuncture
✔ Massage Therapy
✔ Nutrition
✔ Physical Therapy
✔ Performance/Sports Medicine

As a patient with Equilibrium our team will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program to meet your health and wellness goals. So come in for a visit! We look forward to welcoming you to our facility.

✔ Chiropractic Care
✔ Corrective Exercises
✔ Lifestyle & Nutritional Counseling
✔ Massage Therapy
✔ Spinal & Postural Screening

Dr. Douglas Allen & New York Pain Medicine

7 West 51st Street, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10019

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At New York Pain Medicine, our philosophy is to use a team approach to accurately diagnose and treat your painful condition. As an Osteopathic physician, Dr. Allen has the best training and tools to accurately diagnose your painful condition and recommend the best treatment plan that minimizes your time lost. Most procedures are performed in our outpatient setting under local anesthesia,allowing patients to return home after just one hour. The techniques that Dr. Allen utilizes are very effective and often prevent the need for surgical intervention. Accurate diagnosis, proper treatment plans and a team approach results in a healthy pain-free lifestyle.

Conditions We Treat:

  • Back & Neck Pain
  • Spinal Stenosis
  • General Joint Pain
  • Herniated Discs
  • Annular Tears
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Herpes Zoster Pain
  • Cancer Pain
  • Headaches & Migraines
  • Physical Therapy In Office

Jeannette M. Anderson, DC

1776 Broadway, #1010
New York, NY 10019

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Sport And Personal Injuries, Work Injuries, Lower Back & Leg Pain, Auto Injuries (Whiplash), Sciatica Numbness, Arthritis, Pain Control.

Sprinal Correction

825 7th Ave.
NY, NY 10019

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Natural Pain Management, Scollosis Treatment, Prevention, Corection, Board Certified

Angrist Arnold Dr.

250 W. 57th St., Suite 722
NY, NY 10019

212-245-2099 / 201-767-3766 / 201-767-3766
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24 Years of High Quality, Personalized Care. Specializing In teaching you how your life and your emotional state impact your overall health and what you can do to help resolve many of your symptoms. Complementary Health & Wellness talks in the office. We do House Calls

Dr. Richard Klein

317 West 54th Street
New York, NY 10019

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Specializing in Musculoskeletal injuries, pain management / 14 Years experience, most insurance accepted

JW Chiropractic

51E 42nd St., Suite #602
New York, NY 10017

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Neck & Back Pain, Headaches, herniated Discs, Sports Injuries! Most Insurances Accepted.

41st Street HealthCare

18 East 41st Street
NY, NY 10017

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internal medicine, women's care, ophthalmology, latisse eyelash enhancement, podiatry, cosmetic foot surgery, tmj dentistry, neurology, physical therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, chinese herbs, craniosacral therapy, lymph drainage, essential oils, shiatsu massage, facial treatment, laser cosmetics.

Irving Place Surgery and Wellness Center- Dr. ramesh Sawhney

64 Irving Place, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10003

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Irving Place Surgery and Wellness Center specializes in:

  • Pain Management
  • Urology
  • Podiatry
  • Spider Vein TX
  • Varicose Vein TX
  • Low T
  • Orthopedics
  • Chiropractic
  • In and Out of Network

Dr. David L. Starr

853 Broadway, suite 1105
New York, NY 10003

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All star chiropractic center

Dr. Adam Lamb, Chiropractor

108 E. 16th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10003

212-949-4745 / 917-364-4309
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Health & Wellness, Sports Injuries, Work Injuries, auto Accidents Neck & Back Pain & Much More....

Dr. Michael Feulner - Chiropractor

515 Madison Ave., Suite 1720
New York, NY 10022

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Dr. Michael Feulner Specilizes in:

Sports-Related Injuries

Neck & Back Pain • Pinched Nerves • Arthritis

  • Pain Management
  • Physical Therapy
  • Chiropractic Care
  • Weight Loss
  • HCG Drops And
  • Personal Training

Dr. Arnold D. Young

120 E. 56th Street, Suite 830
NY, NY 10022

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Neck & Shoulder Pain, Upper & Lower Back Pain, Headaches, Stress & Tension, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel.

West Side Chiropractic

135 West 70th St.
NY, NY 10023

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Dr. Sako Tarakhchyan, Dr. G. De Andrade-Lee. Massage Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Neck & Back Pain, Headaches, Sport Injuries, Chronic Pain, Stress, Disc Herniation/Sciatica.

Pain Care Chiropractic

80 Bowery, Suite 703
New York, NY 10013

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We Offer Top Rate Service at Affordable Prices

  • Manipulation
  • Rehab Exercise
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrostimulator
  • Flexion Distraction Table
  • Digital X-Ray
  • Gratson
  • KT Tape

T L C Rehabilitation Physical Therapy, P.C.

84 Bowery, 5th Floor
NY, NY 10013

212-925-8183 / 718-463-6335 / 718-238-9392
212-925-6757 / 718-463-6087 / 718-238-9379
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Physical Therapy And Acupuncture. Providing Quality Care For: Arthritis. Sciatica. Neck & Back Pain. Carpel Tunnel Hand Therapy. Lymphedema. Balance Disorders. Joint Pain & Injuries. Stroke Rehabilitation. Total Hip & Knee Replacement. Occupational Therapy. Medicare & Most Insurances Accepted.

The Herban Alchemist - Dr. Gabriel Francis

143 Grand St., 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10013

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Transformation Of Body, Mind And Spirit Through Natural Medicine. Alternative Medicine, Neck/Back Injury & Pain, Headaches, GI Distress, Arthritis, Diabetes, Fertility, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia!

Weiner Amram, Dr.

304 E. 65th St.
NY, NY 10021

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Auto Accidents, Family Chiropractic Care, Children Welcome, Most Insurance Accepted

Dr. David Mehler and Dr. Hayley Spielman

171 E. 74th Street
New York, NY 10021

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A gentle, noninvasive holistic approach to better health, healing, wellness and stress management

Cucci Joseph A., Dr.

131 E. 61st St.
NY, NY 10021

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Achieve Wellness Through Chiropractic

Dr. Christopher J. Shay, Chiropractor

360 East 65th Street
NY, NY 10021

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When skill and passion come together, expect a masterpiece

Dr. Douglas N. Fredman

7 Dey St., Suite 400
NY, NY 10007

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wellness and rehabilitative care. licensed massage therapist and MD on premises. evening and weekend availability/ most insurances accepted.

Prabhakar K. Ram,D.C.

3523 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07307

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Back., Leg & Neck Pain, Spasms, Arthritis Pain, Disc Conditions, Postural Corrections, Carpal Tunnel, Sports Injuries, Auto Accident Injuries & More......

Tejada Manola A., Dr.

319 Barrow St., Suite 1A
Jersey City, NJ 07302

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Family Chiropractic Care, Children Welcome, A rational approach to restore & maintain your health

Abdullah Yusuf Aziz

1619 3rd Ave. (91st St., Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave.)
New York, NY 10128

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The maintenance of your structure allows you to function better

Dr. Andrew M. Halperin

168 West 86th Street
NY, NY 10024

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Headaches, neck & back pain, relaxed unhurried environment

Dr. Wayne P. Heller

680 West End Ave.
NY, NY 10025

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Treatment of Low Back & Neck Pain

Lauri Grossman, D..

698 West End Ave., Suite 1A
NY, NY 10025

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Complete Line Of Holistic Spa Service. Chiropractic, Homeopathy. Dr. Hauschka Facials and Rhythmic Body Treatments, Aromatherapy.

Keller Chiropractic

729 Whythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  • Chiropractic Care
  • Spinal Decompression
  • Posture Correction
  • Pregnancy Care
  • Lifestyle Advice

Downtown Integrated Medical Services, P.C.

81 Willoughby Street, 4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Neurology, Internal Medicine, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture.

Dr Lorna L. Barnett, Chiropractic

115 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Spinal Alignments. Applied Kinesiology. Nutrition. Detoxification. Weight Management. Cold Laser Therapy. Allergy Desensitizing.

Dr. Am Blinchik Maugeri

258 Henry Street
Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201

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Headaches, Migraines, Low Back Pain, Sciatica, Numbness/Tingling, Leg Pain, TMJ, Sports Rel;ated Injuries, Tendonitis, Also Works With Children Of All Ages.

Rachel Malinowitzer, M.Ed. Psychoterapist

115 Joralemon Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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Individual & Couple Counseling. Child Play Therapy. Substance Abuse Counseling. Parenting Skills Workshop. Parenting Support Groups. Career Counseling. Short & Long Term Therapy.

Rashad Trabulsi , D.C., Dipl , AC

123 Hicks Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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chiropractic , acupuncture , massage , nutrition , detox and emotion

Gaetano A. Ricciardone, D.C.

2773 Kennedy Boulevard
Jersey City, NJ 07306

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Massage Therapy, Holistic Care, Neck & Back Pain, Shoulder Problems, Headaches, Sport Injuries, Poor Posture, Accident & Disc Injuries.

Dr. Mario Duque-International Chiropractic, P.C

40-30 69 St.
Woodside, NY 11377

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Chiropractic, Sport Injuries, Physiotherapy, Massage, Nutrition Counseling

MaxHealth Chiropractic, P.C.

43-33 50th St., Suite 1B
Woodside, NY 11377

718-424-4455 212-265-9797
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Gentle, Experienced Chiropractic Care. Exercise Rehabilitation For Increase Strength & Flexibility. Physical Therapy/ Massage Therapy, X-Ray on Premise. Workers' Compensation Cases, No Fault/Personal Injury Cases. Most Insurance Plans Accepted. We are also located at: 1780 Broadway, 9th Floor (Bet. 57th & 58th).

Woodside Family Health Center

63-17 Roosevelt Avenue
Woodside, NY 11377

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Dr. Isaac Kohansieh, Dr. Arnil M. Neri, We Treat Car Accident & Job Related Injuries, Back, Neck, Leg & Arm Pain, Most Insurances Accepted

Michael J. Flannery, DC, PA

576 Anderson Ave.
Cliffside, NJ 07010

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Dr. Monique Mayo

170 Ashland Place, 1st Fl.
Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Types of Treatments:
✓ Cold Laser
✓ Artho-stim
✓ Activator
✓ Flexion/Distraction Therapy
✓ Hot/Cold Therapy
✓ Interferential Therapy
✓ Vibration Therapy
✓ Gua Shua Tools
✓ Russian Electric Stimulation
✓ Trigger Point Therapy

Chiropractic care can be very effective in providing partial or full relief for:

  • Asthma, Arthritis, Bursitis
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Gastrointestinal syndromes
  • Intervertebral disc syndrome, Loss of equilibrium
  • Menstrual disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraine Headaches
  • Sciatica, Scoliosis, Tendonitis, Thoracic outlet syndrome

Charles F. Julian, D.C.

19-01 21st Avenue
Astoria, NY 11105

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I have developed a unique body energy treatment that starts with chiropractic soft tissue work, this prepares the body for the integrated enerfy therapy that focuses on removing those negative energies that block spiritual growth.

Dr. James L. Medina

59-01 69 St.
Maspeth, NY 11378

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Treats All Kinds Of Injuries, Auto Accidents, Workers Compensation, Sport Injuries. Orthopedic, Neurology, Physical Therapy And Podiatry.

Carroll Gardens Chiropractic

436 Clinton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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chiropractic adjustments, lower back opain, neck pain, pinched nerves.

Alfred D. Kayata, D.C

436 Clinton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11231

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chiropractic adjustments, lower back opain, neck pain, pinched nerves.

Gregory A. Kazanjian, D.C.

477 Bergen Blvd.
Ridgefield, NJ 07657

201-945-0555 / Page-201-545-1913
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Chiropractic Care For: Sport Injuries, Headaches, Auto Accidents, Stress Relief, Radiation or Extremity Pain.

Juan Aleman, M.D.

37-55 77th St.
Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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General Medicine & Rehabilitation. Sport And Personal Injuries. Work Injuries. Lower Back & Leg Pain. Auto Injuries (Whiplash). Sciatica. Numbness. Arthritis. Pain Control.

Soul Shine Chiropractic Studio

917 Eighth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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  • Restore Your Body's Balance and Relieve Pain 
  • Teach Your Body How To Self Heal 
  • Decrease Anxiety and Increase Feelings Of Peace 
  • Allow You To Enjoy Every Moment Of Your Pregnancy 
  • Correct The Trauma Inflicted by the Birth Process 
  • Bring Peace and Tranquility To Your Body and Soul 

Dr. Alexander Khavash

438 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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emphasis on patient recuperative abilities , eliminate illness , nervous system , monitoring progress , early diagnosis & treatment , diagnostic procedures done on premises and more

John Iozzio, D.C.

346 First Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

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Office Hours By Appointment.

Dr Edward Acevedo - Chiropractor

41-58 Judge St., Suite B1
Elmhurst, NY 11373

866-490-6974 / 718-533-8029
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serving all of your chiropractic needs.

Dr. Rafael A. Vargas

40-19 76th Street
Elmhurst, NY 11373

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Sport & Personal Injuries, Work Injuries, Auto Injuries, Lower Back & Leg Pain, Sciatica Numbness, Arthritis, Pain Control.

HAVEN Physical Therapeutics & Wellness

139 Haven Ave.
NY, NY 10032

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physical therapy, chiropractic, pain management. we accept most insurances and medicare.

Charles L. Lowe, Dr. - Chiropractor

519 Lefferts Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11225

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Back, Leg & Neck Pain, Muscle Spasm, Arthritis Pain, Disc Conditions, Postural Corrections, Headaches, Scoliosis, Carpal Tunnel, Numbness / Stiffness, Auto Accident Injuries, Workers' Comp. Injuries.

Meadowlands Chiropractic Center

360 Ridge Road
Lyndhurst, NJ 07071

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  • Neck Pain
  • Arm And Shoulder Pain With Associated Numbness and Tingling
  • Slips, Falls And Related Accidents
  • All Conditions Within The Scope Of The Chiropractic Practices Act
  • Low Back, Leg And Sciatic Pain
  • Auto And Work Related Injuries
  • Sports Injuries
  • Headaches Sinus, Facial Pain

Ciropractic & Wellness Center Of Fort Lee

520 Main Street, Suite 303
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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Auto Accident; Sports Injuries; Neck Pain; Back Pain; Sciatica; Carpal Tunnel; Headaches; Migraines.

Dr. Michael H. Crohn

68-15 Myrtle Ave.
Glendale, NY 11385

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Workmans Compensation, No Fault Cases, Medicare, Most Private Insurance Accepted As Full Or Partial Payment.

Amstel Chiropractic, P.C.

65-66 102nd Street
Rego Park, NY 11374

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Gentle Chiropractic Care, Stress Management, Stretching, Weight Loss, Nutrition, Rehab, Exercise, Muscle Work, Massage.

Rego Park Rehabilitation Cetner

64-33 98th ST.
Rego Park, NY 11374

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Accidents, Injuries, Traumas, Fractures

Dr. Alex Khait, D.C.

2639 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11207

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Chiropractic Treatment, Pain Management, Back & Neck Treatment Problems, Sports Injuries, Work Related Injuries, Accident Injuries. *We Accept Major Insurances, Medicaid, Medicare & More. Transportation Provided.

Dr. Charles D. Krauss, Chiropractic Physician

880 Ave. C
Bayonne, NJ 07002

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neuromusculoskeletal complaints, headaches, neck, shoulder and arm pain, low back pain and much more...

Dr. Mark Eisen

5409 15th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11219

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Treatment Of: Migraines; Work Accidents; Auto Accidents; Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain; Sciatica; Constipation; Low Back Pain; Sports Injuries; Difficult & Chronic Cases; Pediatrics.

Jett Michael J, D.C.

73-06 Austin St. and Ascan Ave.
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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Emergency House Calls Available. We Treat: Sports Injuries, Personal Injuries, Auto Accidents, Workers' Compensation, Preventative Care & Health Maintenance. Services Include: Chiropractic, Massage Therapy, Dietary Therapy & An Array of Physical Therapy Techniques. If You Suffer From: Acne, Asthma, Ulcers, Heartburn, Indigestion, Menstrual Cramps.

Dr. Shoshana Griesner

69-60 108th Street
Forest Hills, NY 11375

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Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches

John Gregory Albaneze

20-30 College Point Blvd.
College Point, NY 11356

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The loving touch holistic temple, chiropractic, massage, reiki, biomagnetics, cellulite reduction, amma, Swedish, minerals, herbs, supplements, aromatherapy

Jonathan Allen, D.C.

142-01 37th Ave.
Flushing, NY 11354

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  • Chiropractic Massage
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Adjustments/Manipulation
  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation
  • Microcurrent Therapy
  • Interferential Stimulation

Dr. Lawrence Letizia

136-81 Roosevelt Avenue, 3rd Floor
Flushing, NY 11354

718-961-8808 / 917-318-3600
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Free Consultation & Examination, First 3 Visits For Only $20. Each, Offer Ends 8/31/05.

Dr Jeffrey L. Perper, Chiropractor

153-37 78th Road
Flushing, NY 11367

718-380-4047 / 646-552-5819
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Migraines; Work & Auto Accidents; Shoulder And Arm Pain; Sciatica; Low Back Pain; Sports Injuries; Neck Pain.

Vincent J. Nuziata, Dr. Michael F. Ausiello

6419 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11204

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Holistic approach, neck & low back pain, arm & leg pain, x-ray on premises, most insurance accepted, workers comp., no fault

Parkville Medical & Mental Health Center

202 Foster Avenue, Suite B
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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Major Hospital Affiliation, Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Diabetes, Thyroid Disease, Family Medicine, Cardiology, Psychiatry, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Massage Therapy, Alternative Medicine, EKG, Echocardiograms, Sonograms, Breathing Tests, 24 Hour EKG Monitoring (Holter Monitoring), Express Test For Cholesterol & Liver Function. We speak English & Russian. Evening and Weekend Appointments.

Harrington Chiropractic, LLP - Dr. Yelena Kozlyansky

1318 Avenue H
Brooklyn, NY 11230

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Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Weight Management, Exercise Programs, Supplements, Hydrotherapy, Orthotics.

Live Holistic- Dr. Vincent Adamo

446 Bay Ridge Pkwy.
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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We Specialize In:

  • Chiropractic
  • 5 Essentials To Health
  • Oxygen
  • Maximize Your Mind
  • Nerve Supply
  • Lean Muscle and Minimize Toxins
  • Spinal Correction
  • Detox
  • Massage


Optimum Healthcare NY

8804 3rd Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Optimum Healthcare NY Specializes in:

  • Chiropractic Treatment • Decompression Therapy
  • Nutritional Evaluation & Management
  • Flexibility Training • Core Strengthening & Rehabilitation
  • Total Body Detoxification Programs • Massage

Optimum Chiropractic PLLC - Dr. Gordon Kuang

8804 3rd Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Optimum Healthcare NY is a New York City based chiropractic and wellness center specializing in pain management, nutrition, and rehabilitative exercise. Our center specializes in combining chiropractic care, functional lab based nutrition and advanced fitness & muscle activation techniques to achieve a new found level of health & fitness.

Our Services:

  • Pain Management Chiropractic Treatment Decompression Therapy
  • Massage
  • Flexibility Training
  • Core Strengthening and Rehabilitation
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Testing
  • Cold Laser Treatment (Low Level Laser Therapy)
  • Total Body Detoxification Programs
  • 1 Hour Counseling
  • 12 - Week Wellness Programs
  • Neurotransmitter and Hormonal Testing
  • Weight Loss, Performance Enhancement, and Condition Specific Treatment
  • And Much More...

Chiropractic Arts

7510 4th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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First Day Services: Detailed History, Examination. First Day Plus Chiropractic Deep Tissue Therapy. Adjustments/Deep Tissue Combination. Manipulation Under Anesthesia. Chronic Neck & Back Pain - Disc Related. Recalcitrant Neck & Back Pain. Auricular Therapy: Ear Acupuncture. Cigarette Smoke Cessation. Weight Loss With Diet & Exercise Program. Herbal Support For Smoke Cessation And Weight Loss.

Dr Carey Skorski

140 87th St.
Brklyn, NY 11209

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holistic health care for the whole family: 10 years experience, certified NET practitioner, offers cold laser therapy and much more...

Dr. Rosalba Fasano

7111 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11209

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Most major medical insurance accepted

Dr. Fernando Barrese

66 Union Blvd.
Wallington, NJ 07057

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Sports & Personal Injuries, Work Injuries, Lower Back & Leg Pain, Auto Injuries (Whiplash), Sciatica, Numbness, Arthritis, Pain Control.

Christopher Tabick, D.C.

6908 11th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11228

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Headaches, Back Pain, Scoliosis-Neck, Back & Hip Pain, Weakness-Shoulder, Arm & Hand Pain, Leg & Sciatic Pain, Digestive Disorders, Immune Weakness Spinal, Chronic Fatigue & Much Much More.....

Dyker Heights Family Chiropractic

1518 86th St.
Brooklyn, NY 11228

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Providing Relief for Aches Pains and Other Spinal Related Problems. Natural Health Care, Immidiate Emergency Care, Chiro-On-Call, Hands On Chiropractic Care to Allow Your Body To Function OPtimally. Aromatherapy.

Dr. Charles L. Bierman

2951 Grand concourse
Bronx, NY 10468

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Headaches, neck pain, shoulder and arm pain, difficulty breathing, lower back pain, hip pain and leg pain, sports injury

North Jersey Whole Health Center, LLC

546 Broad Avenue
Englewood, NJ 07631

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North Jersey Whole Health Center, LLC: Dr. Robert M. Press, MS, DC
"Small Adjustments Make Big Differences".


  • Chiropractic Care
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Botanical Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Corrective Exercises
  • Lifestyle Advice

Dr. Linda N. Schultz - Chiropractor

6 Spring Valley Ave.
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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Applied Kinesiology, A Well Rounded Approach To Health, Family Care, Neck/Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Headaches, Sports Injuries.

Premier Health Center, P.C. - Multispecialty Rehab

385 Prospect Ave., 1 Fl.
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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Physical Therapy & Chiropractic. MD On Premesis. Manual Therapy by RPT. Chiropractic. X-Rays. Electromodelities. Low Back Pain/Neck Pain. Sports Injuries. Shoulder Pain. Knee Pain. Most Insurances Accepted, Working Late Hours.

Natalya Rodionova, M.D., D.O., D.A.B.F.P.

761 Lydig Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462

718-794-1000 / 718-805-1499
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Family Practice, Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Pediatrics, Pain Management, Physical Therapy. Home Visits Are Avalable, Transportation Is Available, We Provide Hospital Care, Prescribe & Deliver Medical Supplies To Your Home, Flexible Hours Nights & Early Mornings By Appt. And Much More. Most Insurance Are Accepted, Including Medicare & No Fault.

Phill Nadle, D.C., Dr.

695 Rhinelander Avenue
Bronx, NY 10462

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Providing "relief" 40 + years, acute chronic pain treatment center, sinus treatment center, chronic & difficult cases is our specialty, headache, neck & back pain, attorney referrals, auto accidents, workers comp.

Li R. Richard, Chiropractor

2309 Arthur Avenue
Bronx, NY 10458

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Headaches, Back & Neck Pain, Car Accidents, Sports Injuries, Disc Problems. Hours By Appointment.

Worldwide Wellness Centers , P.C.

80 Passaic Avenue , Ste.I
Passaic, NJ 07055

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alternative cancer & diease -counseling & treatment , chiropractic treatment , personal injury , slip & falls

Liberty Chiropractic

132-11 Liberty Ave.
Richmond Hill, NY 11419

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Physical Therapy. Acupuncture. Chiropractic. Auto Accidents. Work Accidents. Private Insurance.

Dr. Alexander A. Esposito, Jr.

1154 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10301

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• Chiropractic

• Pain Management

• Acupuncture

• Physical Therapy

• Auto Injuries

• Most Insurance Accepted

Dr. Sharon Rich

150 N. Mada Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10310

718-273-3477 / 718-420-6901
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Adult & Children, Accident & Work Injuries, Neck & Back Injuries, Rehabilitation, Headaches, Massage on Premises, Menstrual Cramp Relief. House Calls, Medicare Accepted.

Joseph J. Amato, Dr.

1476 Williamsbridge Rd.
Bronx, NY 10461

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Gentle Effective Chiropractic Neurology: Detoxification, Super Hydration Structured Water Fast, Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Percussion Therapy Fascia Release, Massage Therapy & Much More...

Dr. Coral J. Elcock

2589 Frisby Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461

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Insurance Cases, Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Family Care, Sports Injuries, Workers Comp.

Pelham Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

2118 Williamsbridge Rd.
Bronx, NY 10461

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Neck and Back Pain, Blurred Vision, Headaches, Dizziness, Numbness, Hip Pain, Leg Pain, Tiredness. Medical Doctors, Physical Therapists, Orthopedists, Chiropractors, Internist. Free Initial Consultation, Transportation Available for No Fault.

Morris Park Complementary Medicine

1129B Morris Park Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461

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Chiropractic, Hydrotherapy, Designed Clinical Nutrition, Acupuncture, Neurology

Dr. Hal Rosenfeld, Dr. Jeff Schnapper

3233 Westchester Ave.
Bronx, NY 10461

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Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Sprain/Strain Injuries, Mid and Low Back Pain, Disc Problems, Stress, Sciatica, Leg Pain.

Avgerinos - Back & Neck Center

195-05 Northern Blvd.
Flushing, NY 11358

718-357-0297 / 718-428-9369
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Gentle state-of-the-art treatment, it's never any fun to be in pain, and the last thing you want is to be pushed and pulled every which way without much empathy for the sensitivity of your condition. we are specially trained in the very latest and gentles

Dr John McAtamney, DC

32-32- Francis Lewis Blvd.,
Flushing, NY 11358

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Increase Vitality/Optimize Health. Your Nervous System Keeps Your Body In Tune By Communicating With Your Body Parts.

Dr. Park's Chiropractic Health Care

165-20 Northern Blvd., 1st Floor
Flushing, NY 11358

View map

Auto Accident Injuries, Work Related Injuries, Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Disc Problems, Sciatica, Deep Soft Tissue Work. Licensed

Dr. Allen S. Rothman

7616 Bay Parkway
Brooklyn, NY 11214

View map

Relief, treatment & prevention of pain, complete facility including x-ray on premises, emergency care available, sports injuries diagnostic testing, trauma/emergency care

Dr. Weber Jason

242 Palisade Avenue
Garfield, NJ 07026

View map

Sciatica, Headaches, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Poor Posture, Accident Injuries, Slip & Falls, Dics Injuries, Carpel Tunnel. Free Consultation, Most Insurance Plans Accepted. We Accept Medicare Assignment.

Marisciano R., Dr.

133-55 Lefferts Blvd.
So. Ozone Park, NY 11420

718-848-6663 / 718-845-1831
View map

Serving the community for 40 years, accepting workers comp. auto accidents and most insurance plans

Performance Edge Chiropractic, PC

7315 Ave. U
Bklyn, NY 11234

View map

soft tissue massage, rehab therapy, personal training, nutritional consultants.

Dr. Vincent Esposito

3021 Quentin Rd.
Brooklyn, NY 11234

View map


Dr Pietro Baio, DC

7315 Ave. U
Bklyn, NY 11234

View map

soft tissue massage, rehab therapy, personal training, nutritional consultants.

Dr. Sidney I. Zelin

1250 Avenue U.
Brooklyn, NY 11223

View map

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Automobile Accidents, Work Related Injuries

Dr. Gorelik Michael

444 Avenue X, Suite 1E
Brooklyn, NY 11223

718-376-2010 / 917-969-2060
View map

Physical Therapy, Massage Therapy, Family Medicine, Neck & Back Pain, Shoulder Problems, Headaches, Sports Injuries, Poor Posture, Accident & Disk Injuries.

Advanced Chiropractic Institute, L.L.C. - Gregory R. Findura, D.C.

170 Broad Street
Bloomfield, NJ 07003

View map

Family Chiropractic Care Including But Not Limited To: Auto/Work Injuries, Slips & Falls, Sports Injuries, Postural Rehabilitation, Wellness Care.

Dr. Jerold Blatt

184-17 Union Turnpike
Fresh Meadows, NY 11366

View map

Dr. Jerold Blatt is a very unique doctor in that he holds dual degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic and Licensed Physical Therapist. This gives the patient the best of both worlds….a holistic, natural approach and a rehabilitation approach at the same time. Dr. Blatt feels that the combined degrees have made his practice much more comprehensive in available treatment approaches. His center is more “spa-like” than office like, with a beautiful ambiance that he feels is integral to the healing process.

At Fresh Meadows Wellness you are not treated like a patient, but as a partner in health and healing. Dr. Blatt always claims that most people know more about operating their ipod than about taking care of their bodies. Therefore, his goal is to guide the patient on the yellow brick road to true health, not only to ameliorate their symptoms and send them on their way without new-found knowledge of prevention.

Those who choose to be seen at his office are immediately impressed with the very individualized attention they receive. In fact, new patients are only seen at specific times of the day when no other patients are present. In this way, Dr. Blatt can give the patient undivided personal attention in determing whether they can indeed be accepted as a patient. He will only accept those that he genuinely feels he can help. If not, he refers them to other professionals that he feels can be of greater service to them.

As Doctor Blatt is also certified in chiropractic pediatrics, it is nice to sometimes see children in the office which helps to make it an even more light and happy environment. In todays healthcare system of managed care, it is refreshing to experience the warmest kind of care geared toward people who are not feeling their best supported by a staff that feels like family.

Insurance / Payment Methods:-

Beech Street, Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, GHI, Magna Care, Multi-Plan, United HealthCare, Accepts most other insurances.

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard.


✔ Back Pain
✔ Herniated Disc / Bulging Disc
✔ Leg Pain
✔ Lower Back Pain
✔ Migraine headaches
✔ Muscle pain / muscle strain
✔ Musculoskeletal Injury Rehabilitation
✔ Neck Pain
✔ Numbness
✔ Pediatric Care
✔ Sciatica / Radiculopathy
✔ Scoliosis and Deformity
✔ Shoulder Pain
✔ Tingling Of Extremities

Joseph J. Perri, D.C.

3236 Randolph Pl.
Bronx, NY 10465

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Community Chiropractic Office.

Dr. Albert A. Andersen

121 Parkinson Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10305

1-800-661-7955 / 718-816-5995
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Concervative, Safe, Non-Invasive, Pain Relief.

Lakeview Chiropractic

382 Lakeview Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011

View map

Treatment For: Migraines, Auto Accidents, Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Sports Injuries, Difficult & Chronic Cases.

Dr. Luciano D'Amato

382 Lakeview Avenue
Clifton, NJ 07011

View map

Treatment For: Migraines, Auto Accidents, Neck, Shoulder & Arm Pain, Sciatica, Low Back Pain, Sports Injuries, Difficult & Chronic Cases.

Reduce Pain Improve Health

214-32 43rd Avenue, Suite 113
Bayside, NY 11361

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The natural approach to health, treatment for pain, maintenance of health, nutritional counseling, disc/joint rehabilitation, stress & fatigue management, arthritis relief

Aronoff Ellen S., Dr.

213-16 39th Avenue.
Bayside, NY 11361

View map

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sports Injuries, Sprains, Strains, Accidents, Nutritional Counseling.

New York Injury & Rehabilitation

200-12 44th Ave.
Bayside, NY 11361

View map

Full Prevention & Rehabilitation Specialists, Ohysical Therapy, Chiropractor, Carpal Tunnel Specialists. Latest Cold Laser Treatment .

Bay Care Health Group

214-41 42nd Ave.
Bayside, NY 11361

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We Specialize In: Sports Related Injuries, Personal Injuries, Work Related Injuries, Disc Problems, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Knee Pain, Diagnostic Testing & More... We Accept Most Insurance Plans & Medicare. X-Ray On Premises.

Dr. Thomas Rahill

210-08 39th Avenue
Bayside, NY 11361

View map

Neck Pain, Disc Herniation, Low Back Pain / Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Auto Accidents, Migraine Headaches, Massage, Stress Relief.

Delicato Chiropractic P.C.

1118 Ave. Y
Brooklyn, NY 11235

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One-On-One Personal Care For: Pinched Nerves/Sciatica, Neck & Back Pain, Disc Problems, Bursitis/Tendonitis

David K. Frangiosa, D.C.

112 S. Washington Ave
Bergenfield, NJ 07621

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Family Practice, Auto Accidents, Work Injuries, Work With Muscular As Well As Joint Injuries, Use Low Force Techniques For Herinated Discs & Other Low Back Conditions, Have Low Level Laser Therapy For Pain Management & Decreased Healing Time.

Franhill Chiropractic Life Center

205-07 Hillside Ave.
Hollis, NY 11423

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Neck Pain, Headaches, Work Accidents, Low Back Pain, Auto Accidents, Sport. Dance And Athletic Injuries.

Salomone J., B.S., D.C. Chiropractic, P.A.

256 Colfax Ave.
Clifton, NJ 07013

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Pain & Rehabilitation Center. Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation for Musculoskeletal Injuries, Manipulation, Traction, Home Care Instructions, Full Weight/Rehab Room.

Dr. Chris B. Cueto

88-37 Francis Lewis Blvd.
Queens Village, NY 11427

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Family Chiropractor

  • Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Motion Assisted Muscle Therapy
  • Nutritional Consultation
  • Massage Therapy

Dr James Noberini

60-04 Marathon Pkwy
Little Neck, NY 11362

View map

Auto Accidents. Sport Injuries. Back Pain. Neck Pain. Arm/Leg Pain. Migraine Headaches. Work-Related Injuries. Herniated/Degenerative Discs. Physical Therapy. Emergency.

South Orange Chiropractic Center

60 First Street
South Orange, NJ 07079

View map

  • Professional Chiropractic Care
  • Pro Adjuster Technology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Physical Therapy

Lucia Colletti, Dr.

1535 Victory Blvd.
SI, NY 10314

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Let us help relieve you of stiffness, aches and pains utilizing, proven chiropractic and holistic techniques, sports related injuries, headaches & neck pain, back & sciatica pain, shoulder & arm pain, occupational stress, work injuries

Dr. Michael DeMartinis

1926 Victory Blvd.
SI, NY 10314

View map

Auto Injuries, Back & Neck Pain, Work Related Injuries. Most Insurance Accepted.

Carl L. Valvo, D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

225 Sterling Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10704

View map

Sport Injuries, Auto Related Injuries, Headaches, Work Injuries

Dr. Denise D. Landi

733 Yonkers Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10704

View map

Comprehensive Chiropractic Care, Quality, Caring Service, 24 Hour Emergency Service, Workers Compensation Cases, No Fault/Personal Injury Cases, Most Insurance Plans Accepted.

Landi Denise D., Dr.

733 Yonkers Ave., Suite LL2
Yonkers, NY 10704

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Family Chiropractic, Caring Service

Eisen Family Chiropractic Center, PC

224 Rte.4 East
Paramus, NJ 07652

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family care, sports injury and personal fitness center. maintaining optimum health, renewed energy and vitality and much more...

Cddar Grove Family Chiropractic

411 Pompton Ave.
Cedar Grove, NJ 07009

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Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Sport Injuries, Disc Injuries, Auto Injuries, Headaches

Greene & Plaza Chiropractic

95 Northfiedl Ave.
West Orange, NJ 07052

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Offering Quality Gentle Care For The Entire Family, Muscle & Joint Pain, Headaches, TMJ, Diet & Nutritional Guidance

Bass Family Chiropratic

491B Valley Street
Maplewood, NJ 07040

View map

Bass Family Chiropractic offers comprehensive, personal chiropractic healthcare for you and your entire family. Dr. Wayne Bass is the sole practitioner, providing all aspects of your treatment. Your care is, therefore, consistent, and ultimately more effective. While Dr. Bass is quite experienced, having delivered thousands of chiropractic adjustments since 2001, Bass Family Chiropractic is a newly established practice with brand new, state of the art equipment.   
  Dr. Bass incorporates nutrition, exercise, stretching, rehabilitation, massage, and electrophysical agents (when necessary) into his overall treatment protocol. You will find that Dr. Bass is extremely dedicated to his profession and his patients.

If you have wondered what a chiropractor can do for you, please feel free to ask.

We offer comprehensive chiropractic care in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.

Our Mission:

Maplewood, NJ Office      To educate and care for as many families as possible with the goal of optimum health and symptom relief without the use of drugs or surgery, through natural chiropractic care.

We don’t seek to merely satisfy our patients; we seek to create patient enthusiasm and delight. That means giving patients more than they expect. We know we’re succeeding when our patients are inspired to tell others about our practice.

r. Bass practices diversified chiropractic. Our office treats all conditions that fall within the scope of chiropractic practice. These include neck pain, back pain, spinal disc problems, leg pain, sciatica, leg/arm numbness or tingling, shoulder pain, and headaches. In fact, headaches are quite often relieved with a single treatment!

  Each treatment, depending on the patient, may include an adjustment as well as myofascial release to any trigger points (muscle knots). Dr. Bass also incorporates stretching and rehabilitation exercises, as well as electrophysical agents which include modalities such as ice, heat, electric muscle stimulation, and ultrasound when appropriate and necessary. For patients who have specific low back conditions, including herniated/bulging discs, Dr. Bass may utilize a technique called flexion/distraction performed on a treatment table specifically designed to treat these conditions. In addition, Dr. Bass’ several personal training certificates allow him to emphasize muscular re-education, postural alignment, and rehabilitation to serve you better.

Dr Terrence Mundy

129-10 Newport Ave.
Rockaway Park, NY 11694

View map

Health Through Chiropractic.

Dr. Renee Willis

228 Beach 121st Street
Rockaway Park, NY 11694

View map

Neck Pain, Back Pain, Asthma, Tension, Ear Infections, Headaches, Etc.

Pain Management & Rehabilitation P.C.

26-01 Pellack Road, 2nd Floor
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

View map

We Provide the Following Services: Physical therapy, osteopathic manipulation, acupuncture treatment and massage therapy, Arthroscopy and spinal surgeries, Internal Medicine, injection therapy of joints and muscles, Depression and Anxiety and Much More... We participate in most major insurance plans including Medicare.

Fair Lawn Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

14-25 Plaza Rd. Ste.S-2-4
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410

View map

multi-disciplinary pain & rehab center , chiropractic , physical therapy and massage therapy

Bressler Chiropractic Center , P.C.

1362 Morris Avenue
Union, NJ 07083

908-688-0505 / 732-494-3380
908-851-0009 / 732-494-3727
View map

chiropractic , progressive rehab and massage. Also located at 69 Amboy Avenue , Metuchen , NJ 08840

Zuniga Robert G., DC

1300 Stuyvesant Ave.
Union, NJ 07083

View map

Touchstsone Chiropractic, LLC, Neck Pain, Headaches, Migraines, Back Pain, Sleeping Problems, Carpal Tunnel, Stress, Arthritis, Sciatica & Disc Problems

Burak Borys I., Chiropractor

402 Chestnut St.
Union, NJ 07083

View map

Auto Accident And Injury Center, Free Consultation, Complete Family Chiropractic Care, Neck, Back, Arm, Leg, Headache Pain, X-Ray On Premises, Disc Problems, Same Day Appointments, Physiotherapy And Therapeutic Exercise, Free Parking Lot, Insurance Accepted

Corey Chiropractic

2086 Morris Ave.
Union, NJ 07083

908-964-8607 / 973-589-4330
908-687-4473 / 973-491-5251
View map

The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body. Free Exams & X Rays, If Needed. Also Located @ 78 Merchant Street, Newark, NJ 07105.

Healthy Spine NY Chiropractic

260-03 Union Turnpike
Glen Oaks, NY 11004

View map

  • Manual Medicine/Chiropractic Adjustments
  • Electrotherapy
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Ice Heat Therapy, Including Therapuetic Ultrasound
  • Lifestyle And Nutrition Counseling
  • Massage Therapy
  • Physical Rehabilitation
  • Stress Management
  • Cox Flexion Distraction
  • Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT)
  • Kinesiotaping (Sport Taping)
  • Manipulation Under Anesthesia (MUA)

Dr. Elisa A. De Bedndictis

654 Gramatan Ave.
Mount Vernon, NY 10552

View map

If You Suffer From Headaches, Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Muscle Spasm And Siffness

Dr. Ralph A. Barbera

One Stone Pl.
Bronxville, NY 10708

View map

Neck Pain, Headaches, Hand Numbness, Lower Back Pain, Hip or Leg Pain, Tiedness or Fatigue, Muscle Tension, Sport Injuries. Treat Adult and Children.

Falk Mark H., M.D. and Picarelli Josafin, M.D.

79 Union Blvd.
Totowa, NJ 07512

View map

Chiropractic Physicians, Fellows International Academy of Medical Acupuncture. Specializing in the Treatment of: Disc Herniations & Sciatica, Headaches & Neck Pain, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Shoulder, Arm & Hip Pain, Auto Injuries/Whiplash, Fatigue/Stress, Scoliosis. V. P. T. Specialized Treatment for Disc Herniation/Bulges. Over 13 Years In Practice.

Dr. Penny R. Goldstein, Dr. David S. shear

3932 Hylan Blvd.
Great Kills, NY 10308

View map

Life works holistic center, mind body healing, personal growth, family chiropractic

Dr. Michael C. Stewart, PC

251 Rock Road
Glen Rock, NJ 07452

View map

Spinal Care, Neurological Health, Muscle Health, Massage, Lifestyle Assessment, Stress Relief, Pain Relief, Etc. Accept Aetna, United HC, BC/BS, Cigna PPO & Other HMO's/PPO

Dr. Daniel Silver

100 North Central Avenue
Valley Stream, NY 11580

View map

Family Chiropractor, The one stop body shop

Pain Management & Medical Services, PC

125 North Central Ave.
Valley Stream, NY 11580

718-956-1771 / 516-872-3100
718-956-5890 / 516-568-0876
View map

a full service facility: physical medicine, internal medicine, pain management, physiatry, neurology, chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, electro diagnostic medicine, radiology. serving astoria, long island city, valley stream and 5 towns areas.

The Alternative Treatment Center

210 E. Sunrise Highway, Suite 101
Valley Stream, NY 11580

888-893-CARE / 516-596-CARE
View map

Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Internal Medicine, Yoga, Reiki & More...

Jay M. Gilden, D.C.

530 Washington Ave
Kenilworth, NJ 07033

View map

Chiropractic Care, Sports Injuries, TMJ Syndrome. Hrs. By Appointment.

Michael S. Patestas, Dr.

42 Orchard Street
Manhasset, NY 11030

516-869-0411 / 718-278-2722
View map

Adult & children, accident & work injuries, neck & back injuries, rehabilitation, headaches, massage on premises, menstrual cramp relief and much more

Andrea LoRusso, D.C.

414 Jericho Turnpike
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

View map

Chiropractic Care, Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy

  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Tension
  • Pain (General)
  • Sciatica
  • Sports Injuries
  • Stress/Anxiety
  • Tension Headaches
  • Reduced Range Of Motion
  • Reduced Muscle Spasm

Jerold H. Kaminsky D.C.

627 Bloomfield Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

View map

Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Disc Problems, Auto Accidents & Injury Center, On-Site- X-Ray, Free Consultation. Same Day Appointment. Most Insurance Accepted.

Dr. John J. Raio

333 Passaic Avenue
West Caldwell, NJ 07006

View map

Family Care. Auto Related Injuries. Sport Injuries. Neck Pain. Back Pain. Evening & Saturday Hours. New Patients Seen Same Day. On-Site Parking.

Dr. Robert L. Mangieri, Jr.

2062 Central Park Ave.
Yonkers, NY 10710

914-961-1313 / beep:914-544-6612
View map

We Specialize In: Workers Comp., No Fault / Personal Injury, Medicare / Auto Accidents.

Dr. John A Capriglione

204 Eagle Rock Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068

View map

Automobile Injuries, Low Back Pain, Herniated Discs, Whiplash, Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Painful Joints, Sinus Pain, Sports Injuries.

Dr. J. Russell Reynolds

204 Eagle Rock Avenue
Roseland, NJ 07068

View map

Automobile Injuries,Low Back Pain, Herinated Discs, Neck Pain, Whiplash, Headaches., Carpal Tunnel, Sciatica, Sports Injuries.

Dr. Michael Grigoriou

27 Chestnut Street
Ridgewood, NJ 07450

View map

Sport Injuries, Work Injuries, Chronic Pain, Acute Pain, Arthritis, Headaces, Neck Or Back Pain

Franklin Square Medical Healthcare, P.C.

1112 Hempstead Tpke.
Franklin Square, NY 11010

View map

Traditional, Complimentary & Alternative Healthcare. We'll Enhance Your Treatment With The Combined Specialties Of: Chiropractic, Medical, Acupuncture, Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy.We'll Keep Your Family Doctor Up To Date And Send A Complete Report Reviewing The Diagnosis, Goals And Progress Of Your Condition. Call For A Free Consultation And Treatment Screening With No Obligation.

Dr. Mario E. Introna, DC, RVT, EDT

3705 Richmond Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10312

View map

  • Chiropractic 
  • Neurovascular Compression 
  • Body Composition Analysis 
  • Vascular Analysis (HIO)
  • Applied Kinesiology (SOT)
  • Nutritional Counseling 
  • Social Security Screening 
  • Court Testimony 
  • Compensation 
  • Personal Injury & Much More.........

We Accept Most Major Insurances 

Dr Gregory Pinsky - Chiropractor

11 Futurity Pl.
Staten Island, NY 10312

718-227-5781 / 718-227-5782
View map

Auto Accident; Sports Injuries; Neck & Back Pain; Sciatica; Carpal Tunnel; Headaches & Migraines; Workers' Compensation; Specializing In One-On-One Exercise Training. Home Visits Available.

Lopez A. Marco , DC Chiropractic Physician

22 Old Short Hills Road, Suite 105
Livingston, NJ 07039

973-994-1123 / 973-742-0927
View map

Dr. Marco A. Lopez completed his under graduate education at Boston University. He earned his doctorate degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic-Florida where he graduated at the top of his class.  He performed his clinical training at the Palmer Clinic in Port Orange, the Outreach Clinic in South Daytona, and the Star Shelter in Deland.

As a Chiropractor, Dr. Lopez is your primary spine care practitioner. He is specifically trained to provide front-line evaluation and management for spine related conditions. He will guide you through a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment approach tailored to your diagnosis. When treated early and appropriately, most people benefit from a conservative approach to spine related disorders and do not require surgical intervention or invasive treatment. This approach provides better outcomes, higher value and overall better patient satisfaction. His main objective is to help get you back to your life as quickly as possible.


Manipulation & Manual Therapy- have been shown to be among the most effective for the relief of spinal pain and common joint, muscle, nerve injuries.

Rehabilitative Exercise - designed to improve overall functional ability of the body to engage in everyday activities and prevent future injuries.

Educating & Teaching patients strategies to overcome spinal pain.

Cooperation with medical physicians and other specialists in caring for patients so they receive the correct treatment at the appropriate time..

Also Located At:-

1618 Main Avenue

Clifton, NJ 07011

Dr. Henry F. Cohen

178 Myrtle Blvd., 1st Fl.
Larchmont, NY 10538

View map

Traditional, Alternative & Complimentary Healthcare. Chiropractic, Medical, Physiotherapy, Massage, Nutritional Counseling.

Generation Chiropractic Center

1963 Palmer Ave.
Larchmont, NY 10538

View map

All The World's Problems Stem From Light Being Withheld. Our Job Then Is To Correctr This. Whenever We Find Light,l We Must Rip Away Its Casings, Exposing It To All, Letting It Shine Forth To The Darkest Ends Of The Earth, Especially The Light You Yourself Hold... Providing Wellness Care To Infants, Children And Adults Care That Enables YOUR Light To Shine.

Bikram Yoga

246 Third Avenue
Westwood, NJ 07675

View map

Promote Weight Loss, Build, Stretches, Strengthens & Tone Muscle, Improves Spine Flexibility & Health & More...

Commons Chiropractic

271 Route 46 West , Ste.A104
Fairfield, NJ 07004

View map

guiding your health in the right direction. reduce neck and back pain, relieve headaches, migraines, minimize sciatic pain, disc pain, prevent unnecessary surgeries and much more...

Corey A. Stein, DC., PC.

129 Broadway
Lynbrook, NY 11563

View map

Auto Accident, Sports Injuries, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Migraines, Muscle Spasm.

Rocco A. Tetro, D.C.

1030 St George Ave.
Avenel, NJ 07001

View map

Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Auto Accidents, Work Accidents, Sport, Dance And Athletic Injuries. All Major Medical Insurances Accepted. Second Address:402 W. 46th St., NY, NY 10036, Tel:212-333-4555 Fax:212-333-4220

Fitness Together

1500 Old Northern Blvd., Suite 1502, 2nd Fl.
Roslyn, NY 11576

View map

One-On-One Training; Chiropractic Services; Nutritionist On Staff; Pilates

Dr. Susan Sehlmeyer

287 Nassau Boulevard
West Hampstead, NY 11552

View map

Reduce Pain, Increase Energy, Less Fatigue, Improve Flexibility, Improve Ability To Think & Concentrate, Reduce Stress. Providing Personalized Quality Health Care.

Mordecai J. Muchnick, D.C., P.C.

317 Hempstead Ave.
West Hempstead, NY 11552

View map


Robinson Family Chiropractic, PA

1114 Raritan Road
Clark, NJ 07066

View map

Neck Pain/Whiplash, Back Pain, Headaches, Arm & Leg Pain, Auto & Work Related Injuries, Joint Pain & Arthritis.

Dr Anthony S. Mandracchia

570 Bloomingdale Rd.
SI, NY 10309

718-605-2225 / 718-835-4199
718-966-5630 / 718-835-2989
View map

auto accidents, workers comp., chiropractic, massage, headaches, neck and back pain, joints, rehabilitation. most insurances accepted.

Angelo A. DiMaggio DC

330 Seguine Ave.
Staten Island, NY 10309

View map

Auto Accident; Sports Inhjuries; Neck Pain; Back Pain; Sciatica; Carpal Tunnel; Headaches; Mirgraines; workers' Compensation. Most Insurances Accepted.

Brodsky Family Chiropractic, PLLC

88 Ashford Ave. 1st Floor
Dobbs Ferry , NY 10522

914-646-9321 / 914-693-1409 / 845-623-5705
View map

Brodsky Family Chiroptactic, PLLC

  • Neck, Mild Back & low Back Pain
  • Chronic Muscle Pain And Inflammation
  • Acute And Chronic Muscle Spasm
  • Decreased Spinal Range Of Motion
  • Chronic Fibrositis - Pseudo - Sciatica
  • Sciatica Where Disc Bulges/Herniations
  • Failed Back Surgery
  • Chronic Occipital Or Tension Headaches
  • Traumatic Torticullis - RSD

Brodsky Family Chiropractic

88 Ashford Avenue
Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

914- 646- 9321
View map

Brodsky Family Chiropractic offers a comprehensive alternative approach to healthcare. Patients today require a customized approach to optimal health and wellness.

This office specializes in wellness and preventative care as well as the treatment of a variety of conditions from low back pain to neck pain, carpal tunnel to headaches.

Our integrative protocols include: cutting edge spinal decompression, personalized rehabilitation and strength programs, one on one pilates instruction, and weight loss programs.

If your goal is to reduce stress, lose weight, begin an exercise program, or restore your active lifestyle, Brodsky Family Chiropractic will design a health and wellness program tailored to helping you acheive your goals.

Check out our Website special offers to see what discounts are available today!!

Kinetogenics Spine & Sports Therapy

875 Mamaroneck Ave., Suite 102
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

View map

Spinal decompression therapy, chiropractic structural correction, cold laser therapy, active release, muscle technique, exercise specific sports conditioning, spinal rehabilitation & stabilization, herniated/bulging discsdegenerative dis disease, sciatic leg pain, posterior facet, syndrome post surgical back pain, forarmenal stenosis.

Mamaroneck Chiropractic, PC

805 West Boston Post Road
Mamaroneck, NY 10543

View map

Finally... A Chiropractor that utilizes 21st century technology to treat your pain!

Poonam Shah, MPT

226 North Ave.
Westfield, NJ 07090

View map

Specializing In: Chronic Neck, Low Back, SI Joint Pain, Sciatica Leg Pain, Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Scoliosis, Muscular Strains, Ligament sprains, Numbness & Tingling Arm/Leg, Sports Specific Training, Hand Therapy, Women's Issues.

Dr. Todd Carnucci

226 North Ave.
Westfield, NJ 07090

View map

Specializing In: Chronic Neck, Low Back, SI Joint Pain, Sciatica Leg Pain, Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Scoliosis, Muscular Strains, Ligament sprains, Numbness & Tingling Arm/Leg, Sports Specific Training, Hand Therapy, Women's Issues.

Westfield Health & Rehabilitation

226 North Ave.
Westfield, NJ 07090

View map

Specializing In: Chronic Neck, Low Back, SI Joint Pain, Sciatica Leg Pain, Headaches, TMJ Dysfunction, Scoliosis, Muscular Strains, Ligament sprains, Numbness & Tingling Arm/Leg, Sports Specific Training, Hand Therapy, Women's Issues.

Jeffrey Kavalin

425 North Avenue E,
Westfield, NJ 07090

View map

Low Force Techniques, Soft Tissue Injuries, Sprains & Strains, Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, Repetitive Use Injuries, Non-Drug Pain Reduction. Licensed.

Robert J. Sanfilipo, D.C.

547 Saw Mill River Road
Ardsley, NY 10502

View map

Neck Pain, Back Pain / Low Back Pain, Sport Injuries, Most Insurance Accepted.

Dr. Arney L. Kaufman

127 Kinderkamack Road
Park Ridge, NJ 07656

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Specializing In: 

  • Holistic Healing
  • Physicians-Chiropractic

Peter M. Swerz. D.C.

495 Westbury Ave.
Carle Place, NY 11514

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Full Chiropractic Care, Sports Accidents, Work Injuries

Dr. Robert C. Kozar, D.C., C.C.P.C.P

71 Main St.
Woodbridge, NJ 07095

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Complete Chiropractic Care

Dr. Stephen W. Kobrin, D.C. - Dr. Jennifer Kobrin, D.C.

250 E. Hartsdale Ave., Suite 26
Hartsdale, NY 10530

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Worker's Compensation, Personal Injury, Children Injuries, Children/Infants, Massage Therapy, Headaches, Sciatica, Low Back Problems, Disc Problems, Extremity Problems. Most Health Insurance Plans Accepted.

Total Health Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Center, LLC

171 Ridgedale Ave., Suite J
Florham Park, NJ 07932

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Specializing In Treatment For: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist & Hand Pain Utilizing The DRS System OF Pain Relief, Shoulder & Knee Pain, Automobile Injuries, Sinus Pain. Treatment Of Herniated & Degenerative Discs Without Surgery. Call For A Free Consultation

Earl W. Cameron, D.C., C.R.A.

1 Circle Dr.
Irvington, NY 10533

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Holistic Health Care For The Entire Family. Contact Reflex Analysis & Clinical Nutritional Assessment.

East Park Chiropractic

714 E. Park Ave.
Long Beach, NY 11561

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Massage Therapist, Acupuncture, Certified In Sports Injuries, Weekend, Evening & Emergency Care Hours Available. We Accept Most Insurance Plans & Visa Cards.

Dr. Sheri Davis

911 West Park Ave.
Long Beach, NY 11561

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Wholistic Family Chiropractic, Chiropractic Rehabilitation, Sport Injuries, Nutritional & Exercise Counseling

Wayne chiropractic office

680 West Beech Street
Long Beach, NY 11561

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Health care and pain relief through chiropractic, using our hands to help heal, remember the difference is in the touch, most insurance on assignment, major medical, worker's compensation, no-fault, etc., day & evening office hours by appointment

Lamonica Chairopractic Services

76 South Lexington Ave.
White Plains, NY 10606

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Effectively Treating The Cause Of: Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain

Dr. Dino Mazzara

804 Carman Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590

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Disc Injury/Neurological Problems, Hip/Shoulder/Neck Pain, Insurance Cases/Whiplash, Auto Accident/Personal Injury, Sports Related Injuries, Arthritis/Bursitis, Most Insurances Accepted.

Dr. Denise A. De Stefano

509 Dryden Street
Westbury, NY 11590

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Most insurance, personal injury

Natural Health

2520 Hyacinth Court
Westbruy, NY 11590

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Chirpractic, Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Massage, Reiki

Dr. Silverman G. Robert, M.S., C.N.S., C.C.N., C.S.C.S

280 Dobbs Ferry Road, Suite 204
White Plains, NY 10607

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Back Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain, Poor Posture, Chiropractic Massage, Car Accident & Sport Injuries. Certified Nutritional Specialist.

Dr. Leonard D. Linder

280 Dobbs Ferry Road., Suite 204
White Plains, NY 10607

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Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder/Arm Pain, Low Back Pain. Hours by appointment.

Delman Chiropractic Center

1301 Mamaroneck Ave.
White Plains, NY 10605

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Nutritional Consultant, Registered Dietitian

Cacciatore Joseph C., Dr.

325 S. Ocean Ave.
Freeport, NY 11520

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Chiropractor, Certified dietitian nutritionist, X-Ray in office

Dr. Michael Guadagnino, III

161 N. Franklin Turnpike
Ramsey, NJ 07446

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Neck Pain, Back Pain, Special Attention Is Paid To Treating & Removing Pain.

Dr. Robert W. Walentin

77 Maple Ave.
White Plains, NY 10601

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All Spinal Conditions And Wellness

Dr. Fred Goldberg

171 East Post Road, Room 201
White Plains, NY 10601

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Podiatrist, Foot Specialist.

Jettelson Family Chiropractic

100 Mamoroneck Avenue, 2nd Floor
White Plains, NY 10601

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Lifetime Family Wellness; Healthy Choices Today; Ensure A Healthy Life Tomorrow.

Dr. Michal A. Paule, D.C., Jessica Katzowitz, L.M.T., Andrea Vladimir, Dirl. AC, L.M.T.

102 South Broadway (Route 9)
Tarrytown, NY 10591

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Traditional, Alternative & Complimentary Healthcare

Hudson Chiroprctic - Dr. Trina Marx

54 Main St.
Tarrytown, NY 10591

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Holmdel Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center

1 Bethany Rd. & Rt. 35, Bldg. 4, Suite 55
Hazlet, NJ 07730

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Any Pain, Allergies, Insomnia, Anxiety, Asthma, Tendonitis, Stress, Chronic Fatigue, Weakened Immunity, Fibromyalgia, Menstrual Disorders And Much More...

Longevity Medical LLC.

540 Bordentown Avenue , Ste.4200
South Amboy, NJ 08879

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traditional & alternative medicine , chelation therapy , chiropractic , physical therapy , laser & pulse light cosmetic therapy , medically supervised weight loss , alternative cancer therapy and center for NIH chelation TACT study

Dr. Ryan Hrehowsik, DC

776 Amboy Ave., Suite #200
Edison, NJ 08837

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Full Chiropractic Services, X-ray On-Site, Massage Therapy, Fatigue / Insomnia, Numbness & More...

Dr. John Giugliano

2429 Merrick Rd.
Bellmore, NY 11710

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North Shore Family Chiropractic, P.C.

400 South Oyster Bay Road, Suite 205
Hickville, NY 11801

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Chiropractors are experts in the care of the bones, nerves, muscles & connective tissues in your body. All the joints in your body are part of this musculo-skeletal system and its balanced function is necessary for optimal health.

Advanced Rockland Chiropractic Offices, P.C.

265 N. Main Street
Spring Valley, NY 10977

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Chiropractors, X-Rays, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Therapy, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation.

Brim Michael, D.C.

1C Atrium Plaza, Rte. 59
Monsey, NY 10952

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Chiropractor, Pediatric, Family Practice.

R.H. Bekermus, D.C., N.D., C.H.T.

16 Louis Avenue
Monsey, NY 10952

845-369-1310 / 845-783-7158 / 914-671-3510
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Kinesiology, Muscle Testing, Allergy Testing, Shiatsu-Reflexology. *Pain Relief: Low Back, Neck, Pinched Nerve, Disc, Fermale-Hormones, Fertility Etc. Children: ADHD, Ear Infections, Asthma, Eczema, Etc. & More....

Dr. David Block

115 Eileen Way, Suite 104
Syosset, NY 11791

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Neck/Back Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Arm/Leg Pain, Auto/Work Related Accidents, Weekend and Evening Hours.

Dr. Block David, D.C.

115 Eileen Way, #104
Syosset, NY 11791

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Dr. Block's mission is to treat his patients in the manor that he would expect to be treated. He aspires to be the type of Doctor he would refer his own family to. This is accomplished by extending the ut most respect to his patients coupled with education on recovery, management and prevention of troublesome health issues. These may include new injuries and chronic conditions.

Rossi Family Chiropractic

1072A Valley Road
Stirling, NJ 07980

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A Creating Wellness Center - Family Orientation; 40% Children Under The Age of 15; Fully Personalized Wellness Programs; X-Ray On Premises; Advanced Spinal Nerve Scanning Technology To Check For Hidden Health Problems Within The Nervous System.

Werfel Chiropractic Center

40 Lafayette Avenue
Suffern, NY 10901

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The Power That Made The Body, Heals The Body

Chiropractic, The Natural Way to Good Health

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life. We know that health is so much more than just not feeling pain.We strive to have our patients reach their fullest innate potiential. We aim to direct people to the realization that they are activated from within; that life and healing come from within; and ultimately that the maintenance of health is superior to the treatment of disease.

Epstein Philip M., D.C.

1 Dorothea Street
Plainview, NY 11803

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Sports Injuries, Auto Accidents, Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Disc Problems, Work-Related Injuries.

Michael J. Berlin

641B Old Country Rd.
Plainview, NY 11803

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Affordable family healthcare, gentle, safe & extremely effective, we specialize in keeping you well, massage therapy, nutritional counseling

Philip M. Epstein, D.C.

1 Dorothes St.
Plainview, NY 11803

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Sport Injuries, Auto Accidents, Headaches, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Disc Problems, Work-Related Injuries.

Dr. Steven M. Riess

154 Orchard St.
Plainview, NY 11803

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Auto Accidents, Work-Related Injuries, Headaches, Neck Pain, Leg Pain, Numbness, Tingling, Disc Problems, Sport Injuries.

Nutrition First

130 Maple Avenue, Suite 3H
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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Achieving Optimal Health Through Specialized Dietary Programs, Nutritional Supplementation & Lifestyle Modification. Recharge. * Renew, Cleanse & Rejuvenate Your Body. Certified. Gifts Certificates Available.

Figurelli Chiropractic

2 Apple Farm Road
Red Bank, NJ 07701

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Chiropractic Manipulation, Ultrasound, Electric Muscle Stimulation, Massage Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise Program, Light Force Techniques, Geriatric & Pediatric Care, Special Techniques For All Conditions & More...

Dr. Douglas Masi

544 Old Post Road #3
Greenwich, CT 06830

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Spinal & Extremity Correction, Nutritional Counseling, Sport Injuries

Dr. Robert Monk, D.C

325 South Highland Ave.
Briacrcliff, NY 10510

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Combining Massage With Chiropractic To reduce Pain And Spasm, Massage Therapy Avaiable. CAll For Immediate Appointment.

Shari L. Eskin, D.C.

707 Broadway
Massapequa, NY 11758

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Widespread Muscular Pain, Fatigue, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Numbness, Sciatica, Scoliosis.

Livingston Chiropractic Health Center

243 Livingston Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Rick Colon, D.C.

243 Livingston Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Better Health For A Better Life

Family Chiropractic Care

334 Mount airy Rd.
Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

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neck, back, arm, leg, pain. auto injury, sports injury, workers comp.

Dr. Pamela Levy

52 Tennent Road
Morganville, NJ 07751

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Pregnant Women, Children, Scoliosis, Sport Injuries, Auto & Work Injuries, Neck & Back Pain. Complimentary Phone Consults / Emergency Care.

Alternative Integrated Medical Services, LLC

150-A Tices Lane
E. Brunswick, NJ 08816

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Medical, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy. * Holistic & Traditional Medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Intravenous Chelation Therapy, Vitamin/Mineral Drips, Nutritional Counseling, Rehabilitation Center. * Drug-Free Treatments For: Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Digestive Disturbances, Sciatica, Memory Loss & Much More...

Dr. Tyler M. Richards

67 S. Main St
Milltown, NJ 08850

732-565-1666 / 732-229-1649 / 732-616-5433
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Lower Back, Neck, Shoulder Pain, Workers Compensation, Headaches, Allergies, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sleep Problems, Arthritis & More.... All Insurance Plans Accepted.

Mollica Family Chiropractic

5 Cedar Court
Copiague, NY 11726

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Auto Accidents, Workers Comp., Neck / Back Pain. Open 7 Days A Week.

Dr. Bob Natusch, Jr. D.C.

2713 Rt. 23 S.
Newfoundland, NJ 07435

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Spinal Adjustments By Hand Only, For Health Maintenance & Prevention, Patients Range From Infants To Goldern Agers, Free Spinal Health Class For New Patients, Free Chiropractic Lecture.

Dr. Andrew S. Lacerenza

199 N. Wellwood Ave.
Linderhurst, NY 11757

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Certified, Insurance Consultant, NYSCA, Industrial Consultant, International Thermographic, Impairment Rating, Auto And Job Related Injuries.

Hansen Chiropractic

310-312 Little E. Neck Road
W. Babylon, NY 11704

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Low Back Pain, Neck Pain; Auto Accidents; Workers' Comp.; Headaches; Carpal Tunnel.

Fouad G. Karam, D.C.

2186 Route 27, Suite 1B
North Brunswick, NJ 08902

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Auto Accident, Sports Injuries, Neck Pain, Back Pain, Sciatica, Carpal Tunnel, Headaches, Migraines, Numbness, Tingling.

Excellent Choice Chiropractic Center

180 East Pulaski Road
Huntington Station, NY 11746

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On-Site Physical Therapy Rehabilitation Center

  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Sciatica
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Soft Tissue Injuries Due to Sports, Car Accidents & Worker's Comp.
  • All Major Insurance Accepted

Samantha Springer, LMT

33 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 222 W.
Huntington Station, NY 11746

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Amma, Swedish, Sports, Medical & Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point Therapy.

Dr. Eric C. Drucker

145 Kisco Ave.
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

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Specializing In Sports And Recreational Injuries, Gentle Manipulative Care, Most Insurance Plans Accepted, Preventive Family Health Care, Spinal Rehabilitation In Association With Mr. Kisco Athletic Club, Specializing In The Detection And Correction Of Spinal Related Conditions.

Waldorf Chiropractic Center

1301 Prince Rodgers Ave.
Bridgewater, NJ 08807

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Sport Injury, Low Back Pain, Headache, Slip & Fall, Work Related Injury, ADD, ADDHA, Nutritional Support, Colic, Bed Wetting, Corporate Health Talks, Carpal Tunnel, Geriatric Wellness, Auto Accidents, Scoliosis Care, Also Custom Orthotic

Advanced Family Chiropractic Center

501 7th Avenue
Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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Dr Scott Huber Mon-Wed., Fri: 11:00am-7:00pm

Dr. Steven H. Amdur

163 Half Hollow Road, Suite 4
Deer Park, NY 11729

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Reduce Pain, Increase Energy, Less Fatigue, Improve Flexibility, Reduce Stress, Pain In Back, Neck & Joints.

Dr. Richard W. Resua

81 Larkfield Road
East Northport, NY 11731

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Recover Health, Main Health, Automobile Accidents, Work Related Injuries.

Dr. Gary J. Cohen

134 Rita Dr.
Cortland Manor, NY 10567

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Life Chiropractic, Specialize In Home Care

Sports Therapy Of Yorktown

2050 Saw Mill River Road
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

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Physical Therapy / Chiropractic Care - Back, Leg & Neck Pain, Muscle Spasms, Arthritis Pain, Disc Conditions, Postural Corrections, Headaches, Scoliosis, Carpal Tunnel, Numbness / Stiffness, Auto Accident Injuries, Workers' Comp. Injuries.

Dr. Mark P. Frey, D.C.

272 Katonah Ave.
Katonah, NY 10536

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Office Hours By Appointment

Fitzgerald Chiropractic & Nutrition Center

114 E. Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06851

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Low Back Pain, Neck Pain, Headaches, Sciatica, Disc Problems, Auto Accidents, Nutrition, Reduce Stress, Weight Management.

Schmitt Cynthia A., Dr.

804 Main St.
Islip, NY 11751

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Family Oriented Chiropractic Office

Dr. Stuart Podob

662 Main St.
Islip, NY 11751

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Injury Prevention Consultatant, All Chiropractic Care, No-Fault, Work Related Injuries, Most Insurance Accepted, Personalized Care.

Dr Elizabeth C. Slack

285 Terry's Road
Sayville, NY 11782

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Special Emphasis on Women & Children. Neck & Back Pain. Skports Injuries. Disc Problems. Sciatica. Muscle Spasm. Back Pain Due To Pregnancy. Certified Personal Training. Hours By Appointment.

Maher Chiropractic

1315 Routh 52
Carmel, NY 10512

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Quality Family Care With a Personal Touch

Andrew J. Griffiths, D.C.

2500 U.S Hwy
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

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Headaches, Lower Back Pain, Menstrual Cloches/Headaches, Sinus Problems, Sciatica, Auto Accident, Massage Therapy.

Dr. Joseph Merckling

16-2 Station Rd.
Bellport, NY 11713

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McCormick Family Chiropractic- Dr. Scott W. McCormick & Dr. Rosemary M. DePasque

1031 North York Road
Willow Grove, PA 19090

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Specializing in gentle chiropractic adjustments. Nutritional counseling, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and massage therapy.

South Jersey Health & Wellness Center

1990 E. Marlton Pike. Rt. 70
Village Walk Plaza, Suite 7 Cheery Hill, NJ 08003

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Moto Vehicle Injuries, Sports Injuries, Work Injuries, Neck & back pain, Arthritis, Numbness in arms, Hands and feet, Headaches, Dizziness, Sinus problems and more

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