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Kibbutz in New York, NY

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Kibbutz Program Center

633 3rd Avenue, 21st Floor
NY, NY 10017

212-318-6130 / 800-247-7852
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PROJECT OREN KIBBUTZ PROGRAMS: Oren combines Hebrew study and kibbutz life with one of four educational programs along with travel and tours (for ages 19-27). KIBBUTZ ULPAN: a five-month program of Hebrew language along with work in kibbutz (for ages 18-28). KIBBUTZ VOLUNTEERS: work on kibbutz in exchange for room and board (for ages 18-30). THE KIBBUTZ FAMILY ADVENTURE: travel throughout Israel with your family and spend some time on kibbutz. FAMILY ULPAN ON KIBBUTZ: study Hebrew on kibbutz when your children spend their time on day camp. KIBBUTZ SUMMER PROGRAMS: volunteers plus, short summer ulpan and other adventures.

Showing 1–1 of 1 results for in New York, NY