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Debt Repair in New York, NY

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RC Law Group, PC

NY, NY 10001

855-201-STOP / 855-201-7867

Our firm will protect you from abusive treatment by debt collectors! We will sue the debt collectors and banks for you so that you can have them paying YOU!!

If you rights have been violated we will:

  • GET YOU MONEY from the collection agency for their violations
  • NOT CHARGE YOU A DIME as federal law requires the collection agency to pay our legal fees
  • FIX your credit report
  • and sometimes ELIMINATE the debt entirely


U.S. Debt 911

Brooklyn, NY 08701

732-719-8614 / 310-766-1583

Anyone can get into financial issues. Even the smartest people find themselves overextended and simply unable to meet their responsibilities. Bankruptcy can be a tempting option but carries serious consequences that far outweigh its seemingly positive outcome. That’s why people like you are turning to DEBT NEGOTIATION.

Like representing yourself in court, managing personal debt negotiations is not always the best option. Successful negotiation requires experience, resources and a large amount of time, all of which you may not currently possess.

By choosing to work with US DEBT 911 you will gain numerous advantages. Your representative will speak with your creditors and negotiate reasonable settlements. As long as you make your prescribed payments you’ll be on your way out of debt!

Our negotiators are current with the laws regarding debt, credit and collection. They will represent your best interests with a full understanding of your financial situation. Through our non-confrontational negotiation skills we will facilitate a Win/Win resolution to your debt and credit issues.

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