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Jewish Marketing Solutions Reviews

Doreen Campbell Gentle Hands Home Care , Brooklyn, NY

Keep up the good work. Very professional, customer service satisfaction a plus.

Hilary Silverman Residential , Brooklyn, New York

This service is very reliable service. I contact them on a regular for estimates on jobs that I need around the home. They are very professional and get the job done when promised. I have recommended them to friends as well. I am very active in the Synagogue and they are always in need of repairs, so JWIZ.COM is always the first one I refer.

Joshua Fox Advanced Dermatology , Brooklyn, NY

Exceptional Service. Can't complain. This company is one of the best investments I have decided to get into and have never been disappointed. Job Well Done!

William John All Season Painting , Brooklyn, NY

Been working with this company for a while. It is a good way to market yourself especially when you are looking to expand yourself to other communities. I recently gave an estimate to one client that was referred to me by this company and will be working with them soon. Can't wait to get the job started.

Aliayah Walker Residential , Queens, NY

Great Service to have in case of emergencies. I needed emergency roof repair and the JRS were able to help me out right away. I have used them before and their companies were very reliable and professional.

Shirley Nussdorf Residential, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn NY

It's always a pleasure working with this company. They take the time to assist me with what I need for my building and they always follow up on the job. The operators are well trained and very polite. You don't get that often from other companies. Will continue to use them as long as I am able too.

Michelle Vitas Travel, Brooklyn

Been a long time advertiser of this company. I can say that throughout the many years of advertising with Jewish Yellow Pages that it has brought me a huge clientele base. I have worked with organizations, companies, people looking for tours to Israel, and I have had repeat customers. I am very happy that I decided to advertise with this company.

Penina Residential, Brooklyn

This company is amazing. We have been working with them for quite sometime, and I have been happy with the outcome. I need my kitchen done a few years back and they recommended someone who did a lovely job. Now I just contacted them for another job. Will definitely refer them to others!

Gil AAA Translations , New York, NY

Advertising with this company has done my business well, especially that its within the Jewish community. With people coming from Israel regularly it's always good to have a translator on hand. I have had numerous clients call me saying that they were recommended by JRS, and that they need assistance with translating documents etc and Im glad that I can assist them with that, knowing especially that they see my advertisement in the directory or online. Im glad that I am working with them.

Nicole Home Clean Home , Brooklyn, NY

I have been with this company for many years and it has been worth while. I have received a lot clients from advertising both online and in the directory and have had repeat customers. Will definitely continue to work with this company.

Norma Canty Commercial , Brooklyn, NY

Have done alot of repairs with this company for my church. With this economy, every where else charges way more for minor repairs, not only that, they charge just to come. With JRS, they work with your budget and will come give you the estimate without charging. Also, I love the fact that they don't ask for a referral fee.

Raphael Residential , Queens, NY

Get service to use if you don't have the time to look for a particular company yourself. Very much a time saver and the companies are very reliable!

Joseph Lichter DDS Commercial, Brooklyn, NY

Been with this company since 2003. Great way to advertise your business, especially for the Jewish Community. The overall experience has been great so far. The referral service does a pretty good job in keeping my company informed with all the incoming requests. I knew from choosing to renew my add will result in having a long lasting relationship with this company.

Patricia Commercial , Manhattan, NY

Called for a referral to a Contractor because I plan on doing some remodeling in my office. The referral service was very professional and recommended me to Contractors who were very qualified for the job. I am currently waiting on estimates for the job then I will decide on who I choose. Will definitely do a follow up review.

Tyrone Residential , Brooklyn, NY

Exceptional customer service. Have used them on many occasions in the past for repairs and services. The contractors that advertise with them are very professional and know they're work. Wouldn't change this service for anything else.

S. Nussdorf Residential, Brooklyn,NY

Have been using this company for years with no regrets. They assist me with all my needs. I am an elderly woman who doesn't to much patience with finding certain things, so this service comes in very handy. I have recommended to other friends. Very reliable and resourceful.

Yalitza Commercial , Ridgefield Park, NJ

As far as following up with clients, this company is excellent. They followed up with me regarding the entire package. The graphics department created a beautiful ad and the customer service department helped a lot in creating my facebook page for the company. They made sure I was very satisfied. Good start so far.

Shaul Residential, Jackson Heights, NY

Was recommended by this company through a friend of mine and decided to try them out. They were very professional and well knowledgeable in the services that they offer. I was quite satisfied with the first try, will definitely consider using them again.

Zabish Synagogue, Kew Gardens, NY

Love working with these guys! They take pride in doing their job. I contacted them for an urgent job and they were able to contact the company and have them call me right away. This is absolutely the reason why I would prefer to work with this company first, before anyone else!

Shamsod Shamill Glass , Brooklyn, NY

Worked with this company before. The whole concept of this company was different, which got me interested. The layout of the art work was very nice, the referral service worked hard on providing me leads, couldn't complain about it. I still work with past customers up to this day, they call me and I go out and do the work. Customer Service is always something to look at when doing business with a company and they are definitely great at that. They are very patient and answer all questions thoroughly. Overall was a very nice experience!

Helene Commercial , Whitestone, Queens NY

Great work. I have used them in the past on many occasions. Looking to have some remodeling done this Summer will definitely contact them.

Tony Residential, Manhattan, NY

This is a good service. Very professional and kind. They help you with anything you need and they are very knowledgeable. Will use this service again.

Dr. Romulus n/a, Brooklyn

Been working with this company since 2006. The graphics department has done a good job as far as designing the ad. The referral service do what they can in regards to sending customers my way. Overall a good experience.

David Commercial , Bayonne, NJ

Just recently spoke to someone regarding getting a free estimate.I have worked with them in the past as well, now I need minor repairs and decided to contact them first. Very friendly customer service and they are quite fast when it comes to responding to clients needs. Great Service.

Penina Benjamin Residential , Brooklyn

This company is amazing. We have been working with them for quite sometime, and I have been happy with the outcome. I need my kitchen done a few years back and they recommended someone who did a lovely job. Now I just contacted them for another job. Will definitely refer them to others!

Nicole Labor To The Rescue , Brooklyn

This service has done well for my business. Not only did they help me with getting new business, but I have had alot of customers who have used my business again and again. Whether it's for Cleaning or they themselves needing to hire someone, I am glad that I can offer my services. Thank you Jewish Marketing for advertising my business in your directory.

Clyde Eko Homes Remodeling , Brooklyn

It's always a pleasure working with this company. The referral service are always on point when it comes to providing the leads. It has helped my business alot. Will continue to work with them for sure.

Jeremiah Auguste Saba's Handyman , Bronx

Best service that I have ever invested my money in. They contact me on a regular for leads, and some of them actually turned to be jobs that I have done. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Shirley Nussdorf Commercial, Brooklyn, NY

Been working with this group for years! I am an elderly lady that owns to coops. This service comes in very handy, when one of my tenants leave, I usually repair the apartment before renting it out again. The referral service has been doing such a good job in helping me find the right contractor thus far. Keep up the good work

David Networking Cafe, New Jersey, NJ

This is an amazing service! Don't be afraid of the name, I was a little worried that they only serve the Jewish Community, which I was totally wrong about. They work with all backgrounds and assist with what you need. I have used them for both my home and business. My mother started out using this service, and now that I have taken it over, I will definitely continue to use them for all my needs and repairs.

Patrice Nianday Plumbing , Bronx

Have worked with this company for many years. The referral service team has contacted me on many occasions where the majority of the leads were handled. I also have had repetitive business from past customers. Keep the leads coming!

Kari n/a, n/a

Came across this service online and decided to try it out. I think it's a good way to help people who are busy with their daily routine. With cooking dinner, taking care of the home etc, people barely have time to sit and look for a contractor or painter, and having someone do it for you saves a lot of time. I intend on using this service again.

Clyde Eko Homes , Brooklyn

Been with this company since 2012. Good choice of advertisement, exceptional customer service. The leads that are given on a rotational business are good, the exposure online is great. My sales rep Nelly is always a pleasure to speak too. She's always in touch.

Shirley Nussdorf Residential, Brooklyn, New York

Just contacted this company for a recommendation on Contractors. I own a building which when a tenant leaves, I repair the apartment and rent it again. This company has done a good job in helping me with just that. The contractors are good at responding quickly and provide reliable estimates. Very reliable service.

Donaly Joseph Na , Brooklyn

Have gotten quite a few quotes from them. Very good company with friendly customer service. Keep up with good job.

Ms. Frederick Residential , Queens

Love this service, ever since I came across it I can't stop using it. Was given the name and number by a friend that also uses them and they have been helpful. Very happy, definitely going to pass this along

Alexis Bradly , CORONA,NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions has both promised and delivered all the services stated on my contract. I've renewed three times & each year has been greater. Thank you

Helen Residential , n/a

A very reliable and professional service that cares about their customers. I have contacted this company on many occasions for estimates on different projects for the home. They provided me with the names and numbers of Contractors who came and provided good enough pricing. I worked with a couple companies from this service and have not one complain about them. Keep up the good work. The referral service kept in touch with me to make sure that the work was completed and that I was satisfied. There is no other service that does that. Good Job!

Susan Welsher Residential , Manhattan, NY

Best service I have ever used. Very reliable and they work with your budget. I have recommended them to friends, they say the same thing!

Zabish Commercial , Queens, NY

I love working with this company. They are the best when it comes to making sure that their customers are happy. I contact them on a regular for repairs for the synagogue and they are always on point when it comes to follow ups. They are also quite friendly.

John William All Season Painting , Brooklyn

This has been an amazing experience. I have done extensive advertising for my business, and have not gotten as much results as I have with this company. They provide excellent customer service, they are very talented as far as putting an ad together and always makes sure that the customers are always happy before hanging up. As all customer services reps should do. Will continue to work with them as long as I am in business

Nicole Labor to the Rescue , Brooklyn

Great investment, excellent exposure. Couldn't have found a better way to promote my service. Very happy.

Wes Thornton Reliable Restoration LLC, Norcross

Hi! I'm Wes Thornton, Owner at Reliable Restoration LLC. Can you email me on how can I add my business to Thank you and more power.

Clyde Eko Homes , Brooklyn, New York

Extremely excited that I chose this company to advertise my business. I have gotten a lot of recommendations from this company,which turned out to be jobs that I have done.Compared to other sources that I've worked with. This is the best so far!

Margot Morrison , Brooklyn, NY

Jewish marketing solutions has been nothing but great to me so far , signed up with them in December and I absolutely love the service they have provided me . I have nothing but kind words to say about this company!

Amin Amin's Health Pharmacy , Manhattan, NY

Great service! Been working with these guys for years and cant complain. They help me out a lot and are wonderful when it comes to follow ups. Definitely gonna have this is my no.1 choice to call when I'm in need of something!

Romulus n.a, Brooklyn

Love working with this company! They provide an excellent service and their customer service is outstanding.

William All Season Painting , Brooklyn, NY

Will always continue to work with this company. Great customer service. Can't complain! I have been with them for years and have yet to say anything bad.

Adam Residential, Brooklyn, NY

Was recently contacted by this company for a posting I placed on Craigs List for Sheetrock/ Crown Molding. I never knew that this service existed, I would have never wasted time placing my ad on Craigs List. This company moved quickly and within seconds, at least three reputable companies contacted me. They were professional and intuitive about what they were doing. I have some appointments set up, can't wait to see how it goes. I now know who to contact for other projects that I may have in mind.

Jean V. , New York, NY

I've advertised with several Marketing companies in the past since I've opened my business in 2008 and I must say I've been very happy so far with how Jewish Marketing Solutions handled my advertising as well as all of the clients I've gained from their services.

Jason Smith , Pompano Beach, FL

Great services provided by Jewish Marketing Solutions. Refers the type of business you do to potential clients. Always assuring they're doing everything in their power to help my small business grow.

Loraine Johnson , Corona NY

No matter what I need, I can honestly say that I could always rely on Jewish Marketing Solutions. I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for great advertisement.

Ashley D. , Astoria,NY

I've used Jewish Marketing Solutions two times and have had wonderful experiences! Always a pleasure

Zeinia S. , Great Neck, NY

Searching for a marketing company wasn't an easy task, but once my friend told me about Jewish Marketing Solutions I was certainly relieved. They've help my business grow in so many ways, socia median campaign which was by far a huge success, Facebook marketing was a piece of cake and I was also able to gain lots of new customers.

Michelle Vitas Travel, N/a

Been a long time advertiser of this company. I can say that throughout the many years of advertising with Jewish Yellow Pages that it has brought me a huge clientele base. I have worked with organizations, companies, people looking for tours to Israel, and I have had repeat customers. I am very happy that I decided to advertise with this company.

A.G ,

As a former employee, I have to say that it's nothing but pressure to make sales. Hated every minute that I was there.

Clyde Eko Homes , Brooklyn

Great company, excellent customer service. I have been working with this company for a few years well. It's always a pleasure to work with my sales rep, Nelly. As far as my review goes... A++++. The referral service contact me on a regular for quotes, which I cannot complain about. Looking forward to a new year.

David Frank's , Forest Hills, NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions is dedicated to offering the best quality advertisement as well as graphic design services for small business owners. Wonderful company to work with...

Johnny C Commercial, Brooklyn, NY

Been with this company for a while and it has produced well. Its a well established business with perfect customer service representation.

Jeremiah S. Handyman , Bronx

Been with this service for more than a few years. Excellent customer service, good leads and good atmostphere. I will always work with this company. The referral service is good at what they do.

Ellen Nathaniels , Forest Hills, NY

I've worked with Jewish Marketing Solutions for the past 2 years and I am very enlightened by their level of professionalism.

Randolph Residential, Fort Lauderdale, FL

I was browsing the internet looking for a contractor company when I came across this service. I decided to give it a try. I checked out their website and was surprised at all the services that they had. I quickly decided to give them a call and was quite pleased with the outcome. The operate was prompt, smart and was very good at responding to questions I had. I also asked for a few Realtors in the area too as my parents were looking into purchasing a home in the Fort Myers area. Couldn't be happier.

Monique H , Bayside, NY

I met with Joe Barry of Jewish Marketing Solutions to discuss some potential marketing opportunities for my small business. He was awesome! Gave me a free consultation with ideas of what we could do to increase exposure at a reasonable cost! Jewish Marketing Solutions is the place to go for all of your marketing needs as a small business owner. I'm excited to see what comes from this!

Marshall M , North Miami Florida

My business needed so branding, so after searching online for I finally came across Jewish Marketing Solutions. Because I was rebranding after 10 plus years in business, I needed a fresh start someone that can do the job right. Wow! I deft hit the jackpot! My business has increased as well as all of my clienteles. Just six months into my contract and you guys have me so great improvements for me there for I am very happy with my decision to use Jewish marketing solutions. Money well spent to make money.

Carlos Commercial, Miami, Fl

I love using this service. They are a pleasure to work with and great at what they do. They have alot of patience and are always willing to answer questions

Alvin Hendrix , Bayside, NY

Jewish marketing solutions, has pretty much provided me with a great amount of excellent quality service and superb customer service. Besides the great marketing contract they also built a website for me according to my preferences, and they continuously provided constant feedback and updates during the process. They are very professional and I highly recommend hem to anyone who is in need of the advertisement.

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Ashely Cooper , Corona NY

By far, the greatest marketing experience I've ever had. They were definitely half the cost of the last company I advertised with, delivered to me on time and the quality of my ad was outstanding. It's rare to experience such amazing customer service these days. I will use Jewish Marketing Solutions any time I advertise.

Tania Residential, Queens, NY

Good Service! It's good to know there's a service that you can count on. Will never give it up for another!

Nadine Gates , Astoria, NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions was a great asset to my company! Knowledgeable and pleasant to work with, especially when you're at someone else's mercy you can honestly see that they tried their hardest to satisfy their clients.

Michael n/a, Manhattan, NY

Incredible service. They work with you and make sure that you're satisfied with the outcome. Can't ask for a better way to find a particular service.

Sia Reid , Bayside

The level of professionalism that Jewish Marketing Solutions is excellent. They're also wiling to help you brand your business in every social networking aspect. I have never endured the high level of customer service, expertise, and attention as I have received from them. I've got nothing but excellent things to say, thank you once again! "keep shinning"

Joanna McGuirk Commercial, Brooklyn, NY

I needed an estimate on repairs for my church and the Jewish Referral Service came in very handy. Not only were they professional,they responded in a matter of seconds. It was not a very big job, but the contractors did a good job. I am planning on renovating for the summer, will definitely be using this service again.

Clarissa Stewart , North Miami Beach, FL

Jewish Marketing Solutions is the place to go if you are looking for great customer service and affords prices. Furthermore this company is known for their expertise is advertising, which is the reason I reached out to them. I was recommended by a friend. I can only say that I am grateful and happy with my experience!

Karen Cohen , Great Neck

I've been working with Jewish Marketing for the past 3 months. Their speed to market, responsiveness and attention to every detail makes this process enjoyable! I will be recommending them to anyone who needs advertisement!

Tatiana Jakes , Coral Springs, FL

The Jewish Marketing Solutions is about helping small business acquire new clients, with the most effective yet affordable advertisements writhin the Jewish community.

Brian B & B Plumbing , Zimmerman, MN

My first time advertising with this company and it has been good. Satisfactory, hope they keep on providing the services as they have been.

Sarah Noles , Minnetonka, MN

I would recommend Jewish Marketing Solutions to anyone! They truly know what their talking about, very educated when it comes to marketing , also easy to contact and meet with, very pleased with the services they've provided. After my experience with them I would never go anywhere else!

Jackie Flores , Brooklyn, NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions are real pros. They bent over backwards, broke their backs to meet my companies deadline, and exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their ads are top notch, and it is always done with a friendly smile.

Patrice Nianday Plumbing , Bronx, New York

I have been with this company since 2009, and the referral service has done exceptionally well for me. They contact me almost every week regarding a lead, I contact the customer right away and take it from there. I know that not every referral will turn out to be a job, but I have been pleased with the outcome. It's always a pleasure working with them, cant complain.

Samirah Lewis , North Miami Beach, FL

I had an extremely outstanding experience with Jewish Marketing Solutions. Along with my amazing full page ad, they also enhanced my old outdated website and created a new yet sleek looking one! I am very pleased with the outcome.

Tyrone Residential, Brooklyn

Good service. The referral service is very professional and reliable. I have been in contact with them for many years. I have gotten many jobs done by the companies that they have referred me to, can't complain. The companies are very trustworthy, reliable, professional and clean. I have even kept their information on file for emergencies. This service is one to keep, that's for sure!

Nancy Davis , Union City, NJ

Jewish Marketing Solutions delivered from start to end!! Awesome professional service and quality. If I could rate them 20 stars I would. We have received numerous amounts of referrals landing us new business. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for growth and exposure.

Ivy B. , Astoria, NY

As far as Marketing , Jewish Marketing nails it. I believe they have a can-do attitude that is common among successful business owners! After 6 years of advertising with them, I still feel the helpfulness and quality of the first time I met with my sales representative.

Dalia R , NY, NY

Jewish Marketing is very talented. Over the year that I've worked with them, I've been more and more enlighten by the importance of marketing in growing ones business. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to brand or grow their business.

Mallory M. , Brooklyn, NY

When I first started my business, I reached out to Jewish Marketing Solutions in regards to small business advertisement. They were prompt with all of my questions, affordable and most importantly genuine. Almost a year later and I decided to reach out again & they already had my information on file. I appreciate their time and attention to the details of their work. They are the best!

Najib L. , Minnetonka, MN

This is what a business is about: being there when you need it the most. Professional , clear expectations and great customer service ! Give Jewish Marketing Solutions, you won't be disappointed.

Mrs.Tucker N/a, New Jersey

Excellent service. They conduct business well. Hope you continue to do well and continue being successful

Eddie n/a, n/a

JMS has done an excellent job in providing services to my business. The art work, the social networking, the whole nine yards is exceptional. I am thrilled to work with them.

Stephanie Marie , Corona NY

I love this company!! Jewish Marketing Solutions is so professional and their work is so amazing. Their attention to detail and their constant customer support and service is beyond compare. If you are thinking of using them, than stop thinking about it because they will do an excellent job and make it their business your happy with the end results.

Keith Moore , Pompano Beach, FL

I met with one of the sales respresantive sod Jewish Marketing Solutions to discuss some marketing opportunities. He was awesome! He gave me a free consultation with ideas of what we could do to increase exposure and he has a great team of people who can help with all of my basic and complex marketing needs. Anything from expanding my web sites to creating my ad, Jewish Marketing Solutions is capable and at a reasonable cost. They're definitely the go to place for my all marketing needs as a small business owner. I'm excited to see what comes from this all!

Becky L , St. Paul, MN

I've done quite a bit of work with Jewish Marketing Solutions over the years. It's a treat to work with people that actually work hard to understand your business and enhance your marketing & branding.

Heather N. , New York, NY

Great and easy way to advertise. Jewish Marketing Soulitions is very easy to work, great at giving small businesses a voice!

Lizzette Summer's , Bronx, NY

Jewish Marketing solutions is everything you want and more! Not only are they affordable, but also their sales representative are genuinely humble. Their graphics creativity is top notch, and very accommodating. I am thrilled with my final product and certainly looking forward to receiving my Jewish Directory.

Kenny Davis , Staten Island, NY

I discovered Jewish Marketing Solutions after searching on Yelp. They were very helpful from the beginning. They listed carefully to my ideas and understood my budget. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again!

Julia S. , Brooklyn, NY

I have work with Jewish Marketing a few times and I have been completely happy each time. Besides creating my ad they also created my companies website for me exactly the way I invisioned it: clean and simple but excellent.

David n/a, Bayonne, NJ

My mother and I own a business out in the Bayonne area and the Jewish Referral Service has been contacting us for years for repairs. It's a good service and very handy. I am sure that many business owners like myself don't always have the time to locate a contractor for example, and what this service does is beyond anything that I can compare. My mother is always happy to hear from them, and they are extremely kind to her as well. Better than other services we have used!

Andrea Fowler , NY NY

Jewish Marketing is the best Advertising company on the East Cost. Withing three months of me signing up , my clients have increased significantly and for the first time in years I've seen month over month growth.

Samantha R. ,

Excellent service this company provides , been with you for a year now and I had absolutely no doubts about renewing. Overall you have found a loyal client . Thanks jms

Robert H. ,

Working with Jewish Marketing Solutions was such a great pleasure. From my original meeting with my sales representative to even the graphics department , everything was executed perfectly. Great communication stayed with my budget. Thanks for making my time worth while. Lookin forward to working with you again in the future!

Wendy L. , St. Paul, MN

I have used Jewish Marketing for over 8 years and have always been impressed with the service , price and quality of product I have received. I'm always impressed with the speed of delivery as well, their connection has helped my business grow. Qualility is better than quantity!

Randell Davis , Long Island City

I just cannot express how happy I was with Jewish Marketing. From beginning to end, they made what could have been a very cumbersome process seamless and stress free. Everyone of their employees I've dealt with was professional, helpful, friendly, honest, and eager to help me. The quality, times less and value was unsurpassed!

Meghan O , Forest Hills, NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions is an amazing marketing company. I have been a client for years an have never once thought about cancelling my contract. Overall it is a very great company that promotes and highlights everything about your business has to offer!

Clyde Eko Homes, Brooklyn

Phenomenal! I keep renewing because they always keep me busy. I like the service, and the sales person Nelly is very friendly and good at what she does. Looking forward to see what this year brings!

Royce M. , Staten Island, NY

Excellent service, extemelly friendly and professional. I sent them all the information on what I wanted on my ad and within a week I received a draft ! Highly recommend Jewish Marketing Solutions to anyone looking to expose their business and gain new clients.

Josh R. , Brooklyn NY

My company has teamed up with Jewish Marketing on a one on one basis. I don't have much experience in the marketing universe, but it doesn't matter . They've helped me thus far every step of the way, from creating a web site as well as designing my ad. Their talent is clear, but it's their demeanor that made it worth my time.

Jen Lewis , St Paul, MN

Thank you so much, I know I was more than a headache and I made so many last minute changes, but you guys always were so patient with me and most importantly awesome. Both my ad website excellent. Keep up the marvelous work Jewish Marketing Solutions!

Michelle H. , Miami FL

It has been such a pleasure working with Jewish Marketing. The advertising prices are very reasonable. They've responded to all of my emails and calls on time. Keep up the good work.

Edward G. , Fort Lauderdale, FL

Jewish Marketing Solutions service was personalized and exceptional. Great communication were more than I expected!

Tiffany H. ,

I couldn't be anymore pleased Witt the end results as well as the superb customer service from Jewish Marketing Solutions. They took my idea and designed exactly what I wanted in less than a week. Very creative and I will continue to refer them business .

Brian F. , Glendale, NY

Recently renewed with you guys for a few simple reasons. Excellent service , quality work And great results! Thank you Jewish marketing solutions always a pleasure .

Donaly Joseph Residential, Brooklyn, NY

A service that you can rely on and trust. It's a good way to assist those who may not have the time to or source to find a particular service.

CarlyRae Robinson. , Forest Hills

Working with JMS has truly made me a firm believer of advertising! The referrals are coming on a daily basis and whenever I may have concerns with my contract, customer service is always there to answer my question and solve any issue I may come across!

Jamie W. , Miami FL

Customer Service with a great of attention to detail at an affordable price. I own my own taekwondo and it is a business that has to have constant changes. Jewish Marketing Solutions has assisted with my social networking and local Google listing branding! The enormous amount of calls I've received these past couple months have most certainly been because of them!

Jessie T , California

Jewish Marketing are who you want! They take their time to REALLY understand you as a business owner and that's rare in the marketing industry now a days. I feel lucky to tell you about Jewish Marketing Solutiins, they are an ALL STAR TRAM. Thank You.

Mike Mike's Deli , Manhattan

Well committed to providing the best customer service experience to clients. I have been using this service for a while now, and its been the best so far. They are my number 1 go to guide anytime I need a repair done at my store.

Liz Cordova ,

Outstanding customer service and quality of service . Jewish Marketing Solutions are the go to when it comes marketing needs and their turn around time is always on time. Very easy to communicate with whether is by telephone, email and they also always ask the right questions to make sure my ad is perfect!

Hailie Sammuels , Marlborough, MA

Two years later and Jewish Marketing still exceeds my expectations. They continue to provide exceptional and timely service and I am always happy with their work. The results I receive are beyond awesome!

Ms. Watson Day Care , Brooklyn

I recently got a job done by All Seasons Painting. They did an excellent job, and will be using them again for another job. This services is really good at providing information. I couldn't be happier.

William John All Season Painting , Brooklyn, NY

Best company to work with. Customer service is excellent and they contact me on a regular basis for referrals. Will continue to work with them

Anthony Thompson , Minneapolis, MN

Keep up the great work Jewish marketing solutions! you guys are great at what you do. I also must compliment you on the outstanding customer service you provide.

Hilda T. , California

I contacted Jewish Marketing Solutions about marketing my real estate business. They had spectacular customer service and my questions and concerns answered immediately. They guide you and genuinely want you to succeed . They know what they're doing and you can tell through their knowledge and experience.

Sheerie Thompson , Brooklyn NY

Jewish Marketing is as good as it gets when it comes to improving your business profits, finding revenue from new clients, using social media to improve. They are so effective at so many things, that it's impossible to list them all here. So I am strongly recommending asking Jewish marketing to help brand your business!

Ilene Cintron , Miami Beach FL

I have worked with Jewish Marketing Solutions on and off over the years and each time I have gotten the kind of great result that leads me back. Jewish Marketing is very goal oriented and what business wouldn't benefit from that? I would recommend them to anyone lookin to grow, profit, and improve!

Maria Santiago ,

I recently signed up with Jewish marketing solutions and so far everything has been absolutely amazing , the customer service is excellent they answered all my questions and concerns whenever I asked. Looking forward to great things.

Claudia L. , Brooklyn NY

Started with Jewish marketing about two months ago and so far everything promised has since been delivered . Very helpful and easy to work with.

Aaron C. , Great Neck NY

Jewish Marketing has amazing core. Anything you need to help grow your business by targeting specific markets they can do. You can talk to just about anyone there and they make sure to put your needs first! Thank you...

Shena R. , Miami Beach Fl

If you're interested in exposure there is no doubt that Jewish Marketing Solutions is the right company to hire. Social media branding is one of their many strengths. Contact them and they will blow you away!

Eithan Chandally Tel Aviv Car Service , Manhattan, NY

I have been working with this company for a long time and cannot have chosen a better way to advertise my business. It has done extremely well and I am pleased to have invested money with this company and have a satisfied ending.

Sandi G. , Dania Beach FL

Results and tons of results. Is certainly a pleasure to work with Jewish Marketing Solutions, but the bottom line is business is about results and they sure have delivered. My online presence allows prospective clients to find me at all times, so even when I'm not working Jewish marketing Solutions is constantly working for me . Definitely recommend them!

Kelly S. , St.Paul MN

This is indeed as good as it gets! Jewish Marketing Solutions has been an absolute pleasure to work with, the entire staff is completely comitted to both the product excelllence and client satisfaction. They are a well creative and extremely qualified company filled with professionals, their listening and artistic skills are impeccable.

Doreen Williams , New York NY

I've been working with Jewish Marketing Solutions for 3 years. They're extremely talented, and is also prompt and diligent. What I love the most about them is their capabilities and ability to communicate. Always reminding me of deadlines and assuring me of my business needs. They're so easy to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone. You'd be lucky to cross paths with them!

Sean Bowers, Brooklyn NY

We've been doing very well with Jewish Marketing Solutions. We the extra calls we now have coming in with the help of the referral department is excellent ! Thank you a million.

Cara Lockwood, New York NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions gets five stars from me. I am current using JMS, signed a 6 months contract, six weeks in and we already have bloomed tremendously . The reps are beyond professional and helpful. I am very happy with the service !

Brian , Zimmerman, MN

A good way of advertising your business. I have been with this company for a while and it has been good so far. As with all advertisements, you just have to wait and see what works and how effective it will be and I can say that JMS is the way to go and the packages that they offer, is unbeatable!

Anthony , Staten Island, NY

Good service. I like the whole concept of it. I don't think I will visit any other website but this one. Jewish Yellow

Sasson Efrati, Queens, New York

I love using the Jewish Referral Service for my household needs. The staff is so friendly and warm and provide the best recommendations to suit your needs. I have grown a bond with them and wouldn't change this service for anything else.

Shena Carlson, Miami Beach FL

If you're interested in exposure there is no doubt that Jewish Marketing Solutions is the right company to hire. Social media is one of their many strengths. Contact them and they'll be sure to blow your mind with excellence!

Nichole T., Miami FL

JEWISH MARKETING was so helpful and efficient! Altogether they were everything I asked for and then some, at the fraction of the price that other marketing companies would have cost me - which is great for a small business just starting out. I cannot recommend them enough. I promise you'll be glad you chose them.

Gene G, Bronx NY

You would never find someone as dedicated as Jewish Marketing. They have they most polite staff and whether I call with concerns or just to follow up with my advertising Im always guided down the right path.

Lisa Comodore, Long Island City

For high quality marketing, with fast turnaround and at an affordable price, look no further than Jewish Marketing Solutions! Their advertising is their passion.

Kate Williams, Brooklyn NY

Jewish Marketing is EXCELLENT. I've had all of my marketing done by them and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for quality work at an affordable price. The service is awesome and their final prodrug is always top notch! 5 STARS.

Matt Davis, New York NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions is more than an advertising company! They truly care about the work they do for each of their clients. Continuously going out of their way to please so many of us and our business, honesty from the very beginning as well as a great eye for branding. I recommend Jewish Marketing for all of your advertising needs and more...

Zury Valdez, Bronx NY

I tend to be a bit skeptical when it comes to marketing or sales gurus but ever since I have come across Jewish Marketing Solutions, I can confidently say that they are most certainly the real deal.

Mrs. Watson , Brooklyn

I appreciate the time and effort that the Jewish Referral Service has given in helping me with finding the right type of company to help with repairs and services for my daycare. Operating a daycare and paying full attention to the children is my top priority, so spending time searching for a particular company is a little tough. The Jewish Referral Service contacted me through Super Pages.Com and since then I have been using them. Throughout the years, I have gotten work done both for my daycare and home and they are very reliable. I wouldn't trust any other service, other than JRS!

Laura T, St. Paul MN

Jewish Marketing Solutions & Their staff, have helped my small Tax business take off on Google! Not only are they super great at managing the ads, they are creative and take the time to switch things up according to my seasonal business to gain new traffic. I am so please at the work they do and most importantly, I trust they are doing it well all of the time!

Amin , Manhattan, NY

I recently contacted the jewish referral service for a free estimate on handyman services. I was referred to Saba Handyman who came and quoted me a good price. I immediately booked him for the job and was happy with the outcome. He was very professional and clean. I contacted them and gave them my feedback and thanked them for the wonderful service they provided.

Oscar Ellliot,

Jewish Marketing Solutions has helped my business in so many ways for the past three years and I couldn't be anymore grateful! The level of success is incredible, there is no one better than them...

Andrew Rios,

Jewish Marketing Solutions has helped my business in so many ways for the past three years and I couldn't be anymore grateful! The level of success is incredible, there is no one better than them...

Kenneth Morgan,

I must admit , at first me and this company started off a bit rocky when we first became partners for promoting my business.. Kind of started off slow but just as they promised my business picked up before I could even make a complaint . Special thanks to the JMS customer service department, you guys are great!

Erick Ross,

First time paying for marketing to be done and man did I choose the right one, JMS is very professional, prompt and provides plenty of feedback and communication to put your ideas on paper and they become a reality, I'm truly satisfied and excited to have them brand my business.

Ashley Diaz,

Jewish Marketing Solutions did an excellent job promoting my company. They were flexible in pricing, and timely in delivery what was promised...

Joseph Campbell,

Jewish Marketing Solutions works fast and delivers ahead of schedule. Very reasonable and lots of communication with their clients and I'm sure looking toward to working with them again soon.

Trevor Johnson,

JMS is a true talent! I am very pleased with all that they pulled together for my business in such a short period of time, so aside from being very pleasant JMS is on top of things and always has the best solutions to solve communication issues. I am certainly looking forward to working with the in the future!

Susie A. Williams,

Jewish Marketing Solution was a great asset to my company, they truly wrapped their fingers around the design of my ad and made it to perfection. Most easy marketing and detail company to work with and I'm more than glad I found them.

Ms.smith , Queens, NY

Giving this review is definitely the least I can do for all the help I've gotten from this company . they were very helpful . Every time I call I am assisted by the most kind and sincere genuine people. They have so much patience

Jenn Acosta, New York NY

JMS IS ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL TO WORK WITH-I couldn't recommend JMS more than I have! They worked with me on a very tight schedule but we're very accommodating to me as well. They showed me various of samples of my ad and it all turned out perfectly. Their team has an excellent attention to detail . I can go on forever on how pleased I was thank you a million.

V. Avila, Margate, FL

I had concerns with the advertisement and customer service immediately contacted me and were able to assist me with all questions that I had. They were very professional, friendly and warm and very knowledgeable. At the ending of the conversation, I felt comfortable and knew that to advertise with this company is a good choice. I feel like part of a new brand family and cant wait to see the exposure that I will receive in the upcoming edition.

Kylie Lawrence, Queens NY

I down a very long time searching for a Marketing Company that I could trust with my business. JEWISH MARKETING SOLUTIONS listened to my request and delivered much more than I asked for. The end result was a slick professional and something that I was very pleased with.

Jacquelyn Gonzalez, Long Island City

As a small business owner, I can that its brilliant to have a place to go to where all of your needs are catered to - in one place! Go to it don't hesitate it will be worth your time and money! Jewish Marketing is excellent in every area

Hemwant P, Ozone Park

Very detailed-oriented, focused in our needs, and always on task. I've been extremely happy with their level of communication we received. Every question I've ever had was answered accordingly and my business needs have been anticipated at times before they were expressed. JMS is a great company!

Larry Tepper, New York NY

JMS lives up to their name and reputation. To be more specific, they will swiftly, surely, and beautifully spring your ideas to life. My company has been working with them for over a year now with great marketing techniques and overall branding assistance and their expertise makes my life so much easier. They truly work like a machine but with a human touch. Ah the best kind of consistency... Thank you

Zabish , Queens NY

Love working with the Jewish Referral Service. Everytime I need a referral, they are ready to provide me with the names and numbers of companies who are suitable for the job. They even call me for follow ups. Sometimes I don't need anything, but I love speaking to them. Keep up the good work!

Jennifer Acosta, New York NY

Working with JMS was an amazing and easy experience. I am a psychologist in the mist of building a private practice and wanted to start advertising & putting myself out there. JMS was beyond helpful in every aspect, the suggestions they came up with to attract new clients were great and they even listened to what I was aiming for in terms of style. I fell that no matter what direction I want to go, JMS would be right there to guide me with their many great ideas.

Jean Mowry, Queens NY

I am continuously impressed with the customer service I receive from Jewish Marking Solutions. They always answer the phones promptly, and take as much time as you need to answer your questions. I love what they can do for your business, creating Facebook pages & promoting your business on any other social media network in order to help you grow with just a click of a button. Thank you!

Susan Wagner., East NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions work is as accurate as can be, professional and ahead of their timing frame. Within 3 weeks of my business was booming amazingly. Thank you to the staff for the hard work.

Robert Black., Queens NY

Great service overall! The quality of work is amazing. The referral department provides quick and helpful customer service. Jewish Marketing Solutions was flexible enough to meet all of my business needs and budgets. I will most definitely be using them again in the future.

Paul W., Fort Lauderdale

Working with Jewish Marketing Solutions is always a success story. Constantly providing bright insights and creative solutions to each question that I may have. I've been working with them for several months now and it's always as good as it gets, so if your looking for a reliable, professional and cutting edge ad designs and development team than JMS IS THE RIGHT ONE...

Lindsey Collins, St. Paul MN

There are no words... Excellent, understanding and very patient... JMS understood all of my business needs and delivered beyond words. I am so happy and pleased that I came across the most genuine marketing company. I will never go to anyone else because I will prefer to continue and work with the best.

Joseph Lichter, Brooklyn, NY

I have been a long time advertiser Jewish Marketing Solutions and I have been very satisfied, the sales representative took her time with the presentation and yes, I have to admit I was very nervous at first placing an ad, especially with a tight budget, but decided to give it a try any way. I was willing to take a chance and see what the ad will do for me and my dental practice. Over the coarse of the year, I have received calls either from the Jewish Referral Service stating that my name and number was given out, or I have had clients saying that they were referred by them (Jewish Directory). I love serving the Jewish and Non Jewish Community and I love the fact that advertising my business has expanded my services even further. The work with your budget and even throw in little bonuses. I am proud to be an advertiser for almost 15 years.

John S, Long Island, NY

I was referred to Jewish Marketing Solutions by a close friend, and after have one conversation with my sales representative I knew that I was in good hands. I wasn't too familiar with the Marketing business, yet she was able to break it down to me as well as explain the process. My sales representative had a tremendous amount of patience and time to explain the why's to me and was the eye behind my vision. Thank you JMS for being so amazing at what your great services.

Natasha West, Bronx, NY

Jewish Marketing Solutions is a great company that provides excellent customer service. It offers excellent service that opens many opportunities to marketers who seek success as an entrepreneur in self employment with wide ranges of business advertisements. Thanks to JMS I received many advantages to have a head start in my business and would recommend this company to anyone.

Ashley Ross, Savannah GA

Five STARS for Jewish Marketing Solutions! This company is amazing and knows their stuff for sure. If your looking for the best Marketing or ad designs, than this the right company for you.

Tony Ljawl, Bronx, NY

Great staff, super professional, if your looking to expand or grow your business, JMS for sure will give you the lead for it.

Holly Neil, St. Paul, MN

Jewish Marketing Solutions, is a full-service public marketing company offering hands-ons involvement with their clients, leading to expert results in branding, graphics design, and marketing strategies. The staff provide excellent advise, providing significant results for your business. I highly recommend Jewish Marketing Solutions to anyone looking for the best service.

Shirley Nussdorf, Brooklyn

I have been using the Jewish Referral Service for 6 years for free recommendations on services for my apartment rental building. The girls are very efficient and professional and they always follow up. I have gotten a couple jobs done by the companies and I'm very happy with the outcome. It is an easy service and will continue to use them.

Clyde , Brooklyn

I have been working with this company since 2012 and have gotten alot of referrals from jewish marketing solutions.I have been very satisfied with the service and couldn't have chosen a better way to advertise my business

Yanelis M. Perez, Hialeah, FL

Easily the best of all Marketing companies I have used. I could not be more pleased.... Prices, communication, and services all exceeded my expectations and hopes. Jewish Marketing Solutions, made it easy & worth my time. Thank you once again.

Hemwant Persaud Mold Master , Ozone Park, NY

JMS has provided great Service and all around fantastic company to my business Mold Master. They have help me find solutions to any issues I've come across. The staff are always professional and nice no matter the time or day. Definitely a place I would share and recommend with others. Thank for the all you did for my company.

Amin Mohammed, Manhattan

The Jewish Referral Service is an excellent source in finding a certain company. Whether it's pest control services, construction, or even handyman repairs. They are the best in recommending licensed and insured companies. You don't have to wait long, and the agents are very professional and kind. I prefer to use this service before any other site! Good up the good work ladies.

Samuel The Handyman, NY

I advertise my business as a handyman in the Jewish business directory. I got a good price and very convenient payment arrangement. Even before the directory was published, I've already received referrals. Every time I get a referral, they make sure everything is OK and both sides are satisfied. I am very happy with the service I receive and I am very happy to work with them.

Elizabeth , NY

Best I ever had. Great customer service, wonderful deal and best of all, great outcome. I got what I wanted. They made me very happy. I would totally recommend them to anyone who knows what good for them.

Clyde , Brooklyn, NY

This is the best investment in advertising/referral service that I have made in my twenty years in the renovation business. My referrals have doubled in the last year and your prompt follow-up is simply amazing. Referrals are real and I never have to bid against ten other contractors. Thank you Jewish Marketing Solutions.

Moshe C., Manhattan, NY

Was contacted by Jewish Marketing Solutions about a year ago to purchase a marketing package. I was a bit skeptic at first, because I have been burned by other businesses before. I was wrong. Prices were very reasonable, I am getting alot business and will renew every year. I have found a permanent online marketing campaign that actually works.

Sharon S., Bellerose, NY

I have opened a beauty salon in Fresh Meadows in Queens, NY several years ago. I am advertising in the Jewish Yellow Pages for the past 2 year. It was a good choice that I have made for my business! I am getting lots of clients from their website(the coupons are really helpful), as well from the referral services! I am not Jewish but i am getting a lots of clients from the area.


I placed an ad with the Jewish Yellow Pages recently to advertise my Dental Office which I recently opened. Being that I had just started this practice I needed to find a fast and easy way to put my business out there in order to receive clients. A sales agent from Jewish Yellow Pages met with me, which I must say, explained the product very well, showed me the different ways in which I would get business and assured me that choosing this advertising company would be the best choice I ever made. And indeed it was. So far, I have received clients, who was referred by the Jewish Referral Service and have been re-occurring clients ever since and have also referred friends , family etc.. I am very happy with the way the Jewish Referral Service works, the customer service is excellent and the graphic department worked with me on designing my ad and made sure I was satisfied with it. I am very happy I chose Jewish Yellow Pages as a way of advertising my business and looked forward to conti

Judy P., Los Angeles, CA

I am a chiropractor in LA and started advertising with the Jewish Yellow since January. From the time I signed a contract, I received a welcome call from the staff. Within 1 week, graphics called me for the design. The process took less than 2 days. They were prompt and even gave me ideas as to what I want to include in the ad. Soon after my ad was online and I received the book when they said I would receive it. I have received referrals from the service. Everyone has been nothing but nice and I will surely recommend other colleagues to advertise with the Jewish Yellow Pages.

Hal Wendall, Brooklyn, NY

I was returning a call from Jewish Marketing Solutions graphic dept. They contacted me about the design. Unfortunately I was kept on hold for about 3 min. I complained about that because in my business, time is very important. The receptionist transferred me to customer service. They apologized and satisfied my requests after. So far, I am happy with the service.

Steven Luh, Brooklyn, NY

I am happy about the service you are providing me so far. The ad looks great especially online. The only issue I have is that my listing appears a little too small.

Carol B., Queens, NY

I signed with your company about two months ago.

Helda Murphy, Atlanta, GA

Just to say thank you. I needed a general contractor for my home. I needed to redo my bathroom and spruce up my living area with paint, new flooring, etc. I called the Referral Service as I have been doing for years. The girls have been helping me with anything that I need. I was referred three contractors and I chose one of them. Work was excellent and done in the time frame that I wanted. My friends and family are using them as well and a plus is that I receive a discount from the businesses that I need the work from. Thank you for providing such wonderful and helpful service.

Miguel Cuevas, Yonkers, New York

I was contacted by Jewish Marketing Solutions in 2008, and have been a member ever since. As a General Contractor it is often difficult to find a good referral service that connects you to fine customers in the construction business. I am pleased to say that Jewish Marketing Solutions has exceeded my expectations in every way possible. The team is caring, concerned, and very respectful. Since joining the Jewish Referral Service, business has improved substantially, and the stress of having to market the business myself has been taken away from me. I am extremely grateful for having such a professional and dedicated team of people on my side. Thank you Jewish Marketing Solutions for your part in making my life that much easier!

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