DAG Media Inc. Is First to Publish Advertisers' E-Mail Addresses In Yellow Pages Directories

NEW YORK, Dec. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Catapulting the traditional yellow pages format into the 21st century, DAG Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: DAGM - news), launches New Yellow, the first-ever directory that lists e-mail and Web addresses for its advertisers.

Addressing the changing needs of the consumer in the wired world with updated and streamlined directories, DAG Media is the leading independent publisher of print and online directories.

New Yellow, the first general-interest yellow pages to publish e-mail addresses and Web sites for every business listing, is also the first to provide e-mail addresses for any advertiser that does not already have its own. With these and other breakthrough features and services, New Yellow is set to break Bell Atlantic's monopoly on New York City's 300 million dollar yellow pages advertising market.

New Yellow advertisers that do not have their own e-mail addresses is published as an (business name)@newyellow.com listing. DAG Media is providing this unique Internet service for its advertisers at no charge.

``DAG Media's new services are in direct response to market demand,'' commented CEO and President Assaf Ran. ``Our Web experience and commitment to e-commerce have always been a tremendous factor in our success. We see the Internet as a means of generating even more advertising sales and as a way to improve our customer service relations. Our updated and streamlined directories make us more attractive to advertisers, yellow pages consumers with Internet-savvy; and all those who value the exploding e-commerce marketplace.''

Yellow pages consumers will benefit from DAG Media's commitment to improving technological and online features. DAG Media's storefront at http://www.porty.com offers free nationwide directory information services, direct links to most Internet sites organized by category, voice over Internet protocol, CallBack, Direct Access, Travel card, Unified Messaging, inbound and outbound voice messaging and faxing, fax and e-mail services, and all Internet connection services for Internet-savvy customers demanding searchable yellow and directory assistance from the desktop.

In addition to New Yellow's e-mail address breakthrough, the directory is positioned to break Bell Atlantic's market monopoly in New York City, by offering advertisers the same exposure for a 70% discount.

SOURCE: DAG Media, Inc.


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