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Primary Wellness And Injury Center P.A.

1885 Unversity Avenue West, Suite 229
St. Paul, MN 55104

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Dr. Peter Harmon- Chiroprator

Auto Injuries And Personal Injuries

At Primary Wellness and Injury Center we offer a variety of services to help our patients achieve their health goals.

CHIROPRACTIC - Our primary service is state of the art chiropractic care using the most current diagnostic technology with a variety of cutting edge techniques.

MASSAGE THERAPY - Our expert massage therapists are at the top of their field and include deep tissue, trigger point work, energy work and balancing. The ability to coordinate their services with our physicians is invaluable to you.

NUTRITIONAL COACHING - Understanding healthy eating and supplements is an important part of wellness. Our coaching includes workshops, trips to the grocery store and in-home meal preparation.

WEIGHT LOSS AND NUTRITIONAL CLEANSING - This service addresses all the issues surrounding weight loss; many of which have been previously ignored. Our constant exposure to toxins is implicated in every disease process from fatigue to cancer.

MEDITATION - Studies have shown meditation to reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, relieves anxiety, improves the immune system and provides many other benefits.

EXERCISE AND REHABILITATION - Whether you are injured and need recovery, an athlete wanting to improve performance or just need us to design an effective program to maximize results, we have a system for you.

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Primary Wellness And Injury Center P.A.