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Jewish Zodiac Signs

The Talmud identified the twelve constellations of the zodiac with the twelve months of the Hebrew calendar. The correspondence of the constellations with their names in Hebrew and the months is as follows:

Month No.SignJewish SignJewish Month
1. Aries TalehNisan
2. Taurus Shor Iyar
3. Gemini Teomim Sivan
4. Cancer Sarton Tammuz
5. Leo Ari Av
6. Virgo Betulah Elul
7. Libra Moznayim Tishrei
8. Scorpio 'Akrab Cheshvan
9. Sagittarius Kasshat Kislev
10. Capricorn Gedi Tevet
11. Aquarius D'li Shevat
12. Pisces Dagim Adar

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