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About Jewish Marketing Solutions

Description of Business

Jewish Marketing Solutions publishes and distributes print & online business directories for domestic and foreign niche markets. Jewish Marketing Solutions' major source of revenue comes from the sale of ads in these directories. As a sales incentive, we provide our advertisers with added values, such as referral services and a consumer discount club. We also operate Internet portals, targeting worldwide Jewish communities and, targeting the ultra-Orthodox and Hassidic communities.

Our principal directories are the Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages, the Jewish Master Guide and the Kosher Yellow Pages. These directories are available free of charge in commercial and retail establishments in the US, England and Israel. They are also delivered door-to-door to residents in various Jewish communities.

Products and Services by Jewish Marketing Solutions

The Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages. The Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages is a bilingual, English & Hebrew yellow page directory. It was first printed in February 1990 and has been published in February and August of each year since 1991. The Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages is also available online at All ads in the Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages are in English and Hebrew, unless the advertiser specifically requests that the ad be in English only. The directory is organized according to the Hebrew alphabet. To facilitate the needs of non-Hebrew speaking members of the Jewish community, the directory not only contains a Hebrew index, but a separate English index, as well.

The Jewish Master Guide and The Kosher Yellow Pages. In October 1998, we published the first edition of the Jewish Master Guide, a yellow page directory designed to meet the special needs of the conservative Jewish communities. We produce the Jewish Master Guide and its similar companion, the Kosher Yellow Pages, in the same manner as the Jewish Israeli Yellow Pages. The major difference is that the guides are published mostly in English. Products and/or services that might offend the conservative Jewish communities are prohibited to advertise in the Jewish Master Guide or Kosher Yellow Pages. Distribution is accomplished by placing copies of the directories in synagogues, community centers, residences and businesses located in areas in which are heavily populated by the Hassidic and ultra-Orthodox communities. The Jewish Master Guide and Kosher Yellow Pages are also available online at and, respectively.

Jewish Marketing Solutions provides the following additional services for our advertisers Our website, launched in 1995, serves as a "portal" with links to a variety of sites on the web, particularly those that carry information and news that may be of particular interest to specified users. We also develop websites for our advertisers for an additional fee. We further enhanced our website by providing links to community-focused yellow page directories as well as creating strategic alliances with other Internet portals.

The Jewish Referral Service. The Jewish Referral Service provides added value to users of and advertisers of our directories. Potential consumers who are looking to purchase goods or services call the Jewish Referral Service and an operator directs them to one or more advertisers that best suit their needs. As a result, the Jewish Referral Service serves a key tool for advertisers to generate new business. Tourists can also call the Jewish Referral Service with questions involving travel, lodging, visa issues, driver's license issues, etc. The telephone number for the Referral Service is published throughout our various directories as well as newspapers and websites serving different communities.

Consumer Discount Club

Under this unique program, participating advertisers have agreed to give discounts to who present the specific directory's Discount Card. This card is distributed with the directories or can be ordered directly from our offices. By displaying the card at participating establishments, consumers can receive up to 10% discounts.

We buy paper for our directories at prevailing prices. Accordingly, we do not depend on any single source of supply although we are subject to market forces that affect the price of paper. Paper costs fluctuate according to supply and demand in the marketplace. In addition, paper costs can be affected by events outside of our control, such as fluctuations in currency rates, political events, global economic conditions, environmental issues and acts of nature.

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