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Rabbis in New York, NY

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Rabbi Oizer Newman

3909 13th Ave., #2C
Brooklyn, NY 11218

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Rabbi Oizer Newman

World renowned Cantor to officiate your Wedding, with a sweet lyric tenor voice. That would complete any Wedding Ceremony.

Fully Licensed by the state of New York and ordained through the Rabbinical Orthodox yeshiva.

Also Training bar & bat Mitzvah students for their big day and conducting the ceremonies, any many more rabbinical and Cantorial needs.

Rabbi Binyamin Tamaiev

Brooklyn, NY 11218

718-853-3351 / 718-629-8266

Selling, Checking & Writing Sifrei Tora, Tefillin, Mezuzot, Kidushin & Hupot

Kedoshim Production

Corona, NY 11368


Bookbinding, Ketoret, Mezuzot, Tefillin, Megillah, Class For Bar Mitzvah, We Check Tefillin & Mezuzot With A Sofer & A Computer Program, We Do Installation. All Nusachim (Sephardi & Ashkenazi) For More Information Please Call Moshe Ishakov

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