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Lice Removal in New York, NY

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Lice On Wheels

2305 Coney Island Avenue
Brooklyn , NY 11223

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At Lice on Wheels you will find a comfortable environment with a dedicated staff of trained, bilingual professionals (English and Russian speaking), who are ready to assist you with a kind and friendly smile. Our method of de-lousing is unique in the way that the conditioners we use for the procedure are organic and gentle even for the youngest of children. Over the counter remedies tend to contain ingredients such pesticides, which can potentially cause more harm to your scalp.  Furthermore, over the years lice have developed immunity to many of these popular over the counter remedies. We would be glad to come to your school, day care, or camp for check ups and de-lousing or  One of our friendly, expert nitpickers will come and assist you and your family in the comfort of your own home.

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