Leading Financial Firm Recommends DAG Media as Smart Stock Buy;
Says to Buy at 3-5/16; Price Target of $7-8 in Next 18 Months

NEW YORK, Dec. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Wallstreet Research, a prominent Los Angles-based financial institution, recommends DAG Media, Inc. (Nasdaq: DAGM - news), the leading independent print and online publisher of yellow pages directories, as a stock to buy, with expected significant price appreciation within the next twelve months. Wallstreet Research believes that DAG Media has reached its price support level and trades near its lows.

The firm's report recommends buying the stock at 3-5/16 for investors seeking high reward potential with corresponding risk. Wallstreet Research have targeted the price of $7-8 in the next eighteen months.

Trading on the Nasdaq since May, 1999, DAG Media has established itself as one of the most innovative and fastest-growing niche-oriented publishers of yellow pages directories. The company is set to publish New Yellow, a print and online general-interest yellow pages directory that is challenging the monopoly of the Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages in the New York City market in March, 2000.

The Wallstreet Research report states that the added-goods and services are competitive features that offer an attractive product compared to Bell Atlantic. New Yellow will publish local directory content and lists thousands of New York Businesses plus value added data in a user-friendly, organized and attractive format. DAG Media plans to distribute approximately one million copies of New Yellow.

``We are pleased with Wallstreet's analysis and recommendation,'' commented CEO and president Assaf Ran. ``DAG's success and continuing growth is due to variety of factors including smart, cost-cutting management, an aggressive sales force, expanded e-commerce activities, and our ability to implement effective market strategies that consistently keep us at pace with our competitors.''

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