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THE FUTURE CHOOSES THE ONE-WHO-CHOOSES THE FUTURE. The practice by Master HORA in classes: It is a method that allows one to awaken and constantly support youthfulness. Youth is LIGHTNESS, FEELING ALIVE, VITALITY, AND A CLEAR MIND. This will increase and extend productivity. This is extremely important for the future, for any nation, any country and for its economy and security. (See World Health Organization statistics, about causes for labor losses around the world). This practice correctly organizes the constant and increasing pressure on the skeletal system, rejuvenating and training it within the parameters of an individuals' ideal posture. It is also a powerful breathing practice. It strengthens the cardiovascular system by engaging all the muscles of the body into working correctly thus taking the load off the heart. All of this is accompanied by the built-in active calmness technique.Thus two incompatible terms are combined: CALMNESS and ACTION. The Personal Program by Master HORA: It is a method of individual liberation and realization of an inner knowledge - an inner knowledge of balance, spirituality and psychological stability. The Personal Program is a realization of the evolutionary-meditative consciousness without separating from society. This personal training of the evolutionary unity of mind and body is individual. It is unique as fingerprints and can be conducted at anytime - there are no limitations in any areas of social activity (ANY AREA!) - no limitations. This personal program is accompanied by a constantly increasing state of calmness. This is a consciously trained psychological power of mind-body unity. In the program of nature, the program of Life-there is endless stress. In this stress there is a constant endless selection. THE DIFFERENCE IS: IN NATURE THERE IS NO INCREASING POWER OF CALMNESS. Even for nature this is know-how.

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