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Evydent Dentistry

29 Cooper Street, Suite 1A
New York , NY 10034


Welcome to evydent where we can help you achieve the smile you always wanted. At our practice we perform a variety of dental services in a friendly and gentle manner. If you need dental implants, we are committed to providing our expertise and the very latest technology to help you regain your smile and your confidence. Please stop by our office for a consultation or contact us with your questions.


Implants have completely changed the way dentistry is performed today. Unlike bridges, they allow you to replace missing teeth without reducing adjacent natural teeth and are the next best thing to your natural teeth. We use the latest technology including CT scans and sophisticated software programs to customize a treatment plan that will address your specific needs and desires.



Who doesn’t want a dazzling, white smile? Our office has many procedures which will help you achieve this result. After we have achieved a healthy smile we can proceed to add to it a brilliance!


I particularly enjoy working with children because they come with a clean slate. The fear and dread that was associated with visiting the dentist in previous generations is now replaced with excitement and security. Please read below for some answers to questions you may have about your children’s dental needs.



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